Limited English Proficiency

The Board recognizes the need to provide equal educational opportunities for all students in the District.  Therefore, if the inability to speak and understand the English language excludes a student from effective participation in the educational programs offered by the District, the District shall take appropriate action to rectify the English language deficiency in order to provide the student equal access to its programs.  Students in a language minority or who have limited English proficiency are identified, assessed and provided appropriate services.

The Board directs the administration to develop and implement instruction programs that:

1.  appropriately identify language minority students;

2.  provide the appropriate instruction to limited English proficient students to assist them in gaining English language proficiency, as well as content knowledge, in reading/language arts and mathematics and

3.  annually assess the English proficiency of students and monitor their progress in order to determine their readiness for the mainstream classroom environment.

The District requires all students with limited English proficiency to be tested.  Alternative assessments may be required.  Students must make yearly gains towards closing the achievement gap as defined by the State Board of Education performance targets.

Limited English proficient students who have been enrolled in U.S. schools for less than one full year are exempt from one administration of the reading/language arts assessment administered to their grade levels.  However, students who choose to take these tests are permitted to do so. (Assessments in math, science and social studies are not exempt.)

The District provides parents with notice of and information regarding the instructional program as required by law.  Parental involvement is encouraged and parents are regularly apprised of their child’s progress.

The preceding information is from the KCSD’s policy IGBI