Gifted Identification and Service Criteria

WHAT are the areas of Gifted Identification?

Identification Criteria: O.R.C. Section 3324.03 outlines the criteria for gifted identification, summarized below:

(A) Superior Cognitive – A child shall be identified if the child, within the last 24 months, scored two standard deviations above the mean, minus the standard error of measurement, on an approved individual or group standardized intelligence test OR performed at or above the 95th percentile on an approved individual or group standardized nationally normed achievement test.

(B) Specific Academic Ability – A child shall be identified if the child performed at or above the 95th percentile on a nationally-normed achievement test within the last 24 months.

(C) Creative Thinking Ability – A child shall be identified if the child scored one standard deviation above the mean, minus the standard error of measurement on an ability or intelligence test AND had a sufficient score on an ODE-approved checklist.

(D) Visual and Performing Arts – A child shall be identified by demonstrating superior ability through a display of work, audition, or performance AND a sufficient score on an ODE-approved checklist.

HOW are students identified as “Gifted”?
The State of Ohio defines “Gifted” as students who perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment. Visit ODEW Page here.

Screening and Assessing:

The district uses a three-part approach to screen students who perform or show potential for performing at high levels of accomplishment in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creativity, and visual and/or performing arts. At each stage safeguards are in place to insure that the tests used are valid for special populations and reflect accurate aptitude/achievement in students with physical and sensory disabilities

Pre-Assessment: All students are involved. Using this process, the district ensures equal access to screening and further assessment by all district students regardless of culture, socioeconomic status, disabilities, and children for whom English is a second language.

Assessment for Screening: The screening stage examines the data gathered from the pre-assessment stage and determines if additional assessment is necessary. In making decisions about additional assessment, existing test data for students is not the sole determining criteria. School personnel examine all available information about a student to determine if evidence of possible giftedness exists for that student and conduct necessary additional assessment. District-determined cut-off scores, to move students from screening stage to the assessment stage, are lower than the scores necessary for identification.

Assessment for Identification: Strategies for assessment include individual and group testing requirements as outlined in Sections 3324.01-.07 of the Ohio Revised Code.  Once additional assessment has been completed, the data obtained throughout the stages of identification are evaluated, the identification decision is made, and student educational needs are determined. Parents must be notified of the results of assessment within 30 days. (Scores based on assessment instruments approved for use by the Ohio DEW and provided by other school districts and/or trained personnel outside the district are accepted as well.)

What does this specifically LOOK LIKE in the KENT CITY SCHOOLS?

Grade Level Screening: All students in grades two (2) and four (4) will be assessed in the fall with:  CogAT 8 (Cognitive Abilities Test) to assess overall cognitive ability; ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) to assess specific academic ability in Reading (grade 2) and Math (2 and 4). Star Reading is used for grades 3-12.

Visual and Performing Arts: Nominated Kent students are evaluated at the annual Summit Area Gifted Educators assessment day each spring.

Referrals at any time (cognitive ability, academic achievement (Reading, Math, Science, and/ or Social Studies), creative thinking, or visual/ performing arts) may be initiated at any time with the building principal.

– All assessments used have been approved by the Ohio DEW and are listed in the Chart of Approved Gifted Identification / Screening Instruments.
– All testing in the Kent City Schools will be administered by qualified personnel.
– Parents are notified of results within thirty (30) days of test completion. A Parent Notification of Assessment Results letter will be sent home indicating whether the child qualifies for gifted services or whether additional testing is needed.

What should a parent or teacher DO if they suspect a child may be Gifted in one or more areas?

After reviewing available information about the nature and needs of gifted students, any person can begin the conversation with the child’s building principal who will then help to gather information that can lead to a formal referral for assessment.

Referral: The district shall provide at least two opportunities per year for assessment in the case of children referred by teachers or parents.

Transfer: The district ensures that any child transferring into the district will be screened at the request of the parent within 90 days.

Appeal: Parents may appeal any part of the identification processes by submitting a letter to the superintendent outlining the nature of the concern. The superintendent will issue a final decision within 30 days of the appeal.