Acceleration Policy and Opportunities at Kent City Schools

“Acceleration” can take many forms and can be a great opportunity for students with highly advanced ability to compact or skip subject or whole-grade content to work at higher levels.

The decision to accelerate a student is taken very seriously in the Kent Schools and therefore involves a significant process of data collection and student-centered conversation to ensure that the advanced placement is the right academic and social choice for the student.  While many students will benefit from enrichment of grade-level/ course content, acceleration will be the appropriate option for few as it requires that students have the capacity and interest to skip over content and then continue learning at the advanced level.

Gifted identification is not required to qualify for acceleration.

Kent City Schools Policy AND Procedures– Acceleration Policy

Forms of acceleration include:
– Early Entrance to Kindergarten
– Subject-Level acceleration
– Whole-grade acceleration
– Compacted coursework (i.e. two grade levels in one year)
– Early Graduation

When a team decision is made for accelerated placement for a student, they will write a Written Acceleration Plan (WAP) to define the new placement and ensure transitional pieces are in place; it will also provide for a check-in after a period of time to evaluate the placement and allow for alternatives  if needed.  Where applicable, changes in the state testing sequence will be noted.  Acceleration may also be a documented gifted service on a Written Education Plan (WEP).