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Rhonda Butler-Carson

Rhonda Butler Carson received a B.A. in Comprehensive Business Education from the University of Akron as well as a Masters of Education from Kent State University. Currently, she is the instructor for the Teaching Professions program serving students in the Six District Educational Compact. A strong advocate of hands-on and inquiry-based learning, she involves her students in a variety of problem-solving and technology-infused activities that provide them with opportunities to use their skills to both learn and teach others. Her professional interests focus on what's new and upcoming in the teaching arena, implementing the most current teaching philosophies and strategies into her instruction. In addition to teaching the program, she is the co-coordinator for the Resident Educator Program with Kent City Schools, a mentoring program for all new teachers in the district.

Jaclyn Mahoney

Jaclyn Mahoney

Jaclyn Mahoney received her Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Language Arts from The University of Akron and her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Kent State University. She is currently in her 12th year teaching College Prep and Advanced English for the Construction Technologies, Forestry and Landscape Management, Health Career Technologies, DECA, CADET, and The Teaching Professions programs at Theodore Roosevelt High School. Jaclyn encourages her students to think critically about literature they read as well as fostering college and career ready skills. Students engage in classroom discussions about current issues as well develop research skills and writing skills about these complex issues. She enjoys integrating technology into the classroom whenever possible. At Roosevelt Jaclyn is the JV girl’s basketball coach and has been a class advisor in the past. In her free time she likes to read traditional and contemporary literature with a focus on adolescent literature and watch and play sports as well as strength and condition at a local gym.