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In Marketing Management students will master challenging coursework in all marketing functions—finance, distribution and logistics, product/service management, promotion, selling, and marketing-information management. In addition, students study the foundations areas of economics, communication and interpersonal skills, business administration and management, entrepreneurship and professional development. Students apply these foundations in exciting fields of study such as fashion, sports and entertainment marketing, hospitality management and travel and tourism management.

Students involved in mastering this coursework are more prepared for college coursework in business and marketing majors and are better prepared for the fast paced job market. Marketing Management students also participate in DECA, a marketing student association that gives them leadership, teamwork and community service opportunities. Students apply what they have learned in the classroom to their DECA projects and community service projects. The competitive events are motivational and exciting and reflect real world business activities that will have students working side by side with local business owners and university officials. There are opportunities to go to the state conferences and to the International DECA conference held across the United States.

Senior students may earn an optional 3rd credit related to an internship or capstone project.

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Level I: IA Marketing Principles (1cr); IB Professional and Technical Sales (1cr); Optional Academic or Elective

Level II: IIA – Marketing Applications (1cr); IIB - Strategic Entrepreneurship (1cr); Optional- Marketing Capstone II (1cr)

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