Schedule Changes & Distribution

Welcome back to the 2022-2023 school year! Your schedule is available for viewing on August 8th, through your ProgressBook account at: Please email your counselor with any changes.  **Schedules are subject to change**

RHS Counselors:

Schedule Changes

Each student is required to take a minimum of six (6) classes each semester. A significant amount of time is spent each year in assisting each student to identify a proper listing of courses for the following school year.  Students may make adjustments during a designated week in August for one of the following reasons:

  1. Computer error on the schedule.

  2. Study hall/or some subjects not balanced each semester.

  3. Add a course during a study hall.

  4. The course listed on the schedule was taken in summer school.

Students in all grade levels may add a class in place of a study period during the first eight (8) school days of either semester.  Students may drop a class, without penalty, up to 8 days in a semester course and a year-long course.  After this period of time, a WF (withdrawal-fail) will reflect on a student’s transcript. Under special circumstances, a student may be withdrawn from a course after 8 days without penalty of a WF. 

Steps to follow for handling course level adjustments:

  1. Course level adjustments can be initiated by parents, students, or teachers.

  2. Teacher/student communicates with the parent(s) to be sure all three parties agree.

  3. Student obtains Change of Course form from the teacher; teacher/student then submits Change of Course form with appropriate signatures to counselor/administrator.

  4. If appropriate, the department chair sees counselor to determine which course best suits the student’s needs; the department chair then informs that teacher of adjustment.

  5. Student brings the slip to the counseling office and returns the books to the teachers.  The counseling office adjusts the schedule.  If a student or parent questions a placement, contact with the appropriate school counselor will initiate a review.  Administrators and/or school counselors may recommend moves because of needed adjustments.  If a student does not meet the prerequisite for the course, the teacher should notify the appropriate school counselor.