About TRHS

Our vision is to become a community of students, faculty, and staff which values learning, caring, and creativity.

Our commitment to learning means that we aspire to:

  • create an environment where students want to learn and are able to grow.

  • develop a range of programs and activities to serve all students.

  • make students ready, academically and socially, to meet their futures.

  • challenge students to learn thoughtfully and to solve problems skillfully.

Our commitment to caring means that we aspire to:

  • base our decisions on the best interests of the school community.

  • lead students to relate to, communicate with, and be tolerant of one another.

  • foster senses of responsibility and accountability within the community.

  • encourage students to develop their moral and spiritual values.

Our commitment to creativity means that we aspire to:

  • appreciate and encourage diversity within the community.

  • seek out creative and novel approaches to problems.

  • employ a wide range of educational practices and techniques.

  • encourage students to be resourceful and self-reliant.


  • All students can learn.

  • Learners possess multiple intelligences.

  • Participation in the learning community fosters social, civic, emotional, and intellectual growth.

  • Diverse instructional strategies and environments enhance learning.

  • Shared vision and shared experiences are the foundation of the school community.

  • The competing goals of excellence and equity produce energizing tension within the community.

  • Problems present opportunities for re-evaluation, growth, and change.

  • Teaching is an art, as well as a craft, and the teacher-student relationship is at its heart.


  • Intellectual Development

  • Life Skill Acquisition

  • Relationship Building

  • Character Growth