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Mike Haney, Chair – (voicemail: 330-676-8830)

Career Education

Terry Slattery, Chair – (voicemail: 330-676-)

The best way to prepare for the future is to keep as many options open as possible. Whether you want to go to work after graduation, focus on a specific skill at a technical school or community college, or attend a four-year college–enrolling in a Career Program can put you in a position to try all of these options.


Anne Prusak, Chair – (voicemail: 330-676-)

English courses are central to the education of every student because English concentrates on the communication skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students are required to pass four credits in English as a requirement for graduation. The goal of the English department is to help all students reach their highest potential in performing tasks requiring reading, composition, and speaking and listening skills.

Family and Consumer Sciences

Courses offered through the Family and Consumer Science Department prepare students for both life and careers.

World Languages

Rob Susel, Chair – (voicemail: 330-676-8880)

The study of a foreign language is a progressive experience and requires a progressive acquisition of linguistic skills. The degree to which those skills are developed will correlate with a student’s ability to use the language. In order to be successful as they advance through the various levels of French, German, Latin or Spanish, students must demonstrate appropriate skills and performances as they are defined for each level of language learning.

Health and Physical Education

(voicemail: 330-676-8774)

Instrumental Music

Dr. John Roebke, Chair – (voicemail: 330-676-8790)

Library and Media Services

Jennifer Flaherty, Chair – (voicemail: 330-676-8732)


Jeremy Bish, Chair – (voicemail: 330-676-8856)

The study of mathematics is becoming increasingly important in our society today. Students will need to become good problem solvers, to be able to work together cooperatively, to see the worth and value of mathematics, and to be able to make connections between mathematics and other disciplines, as well as between mathematics and solutions to real world problems.


Kate Swango, Chair – (voicemail: 330-676-8673)

Social Studies

Chris Hibbs, Chair – (voicemail: 330-676-8851)

Special Education

(voicemail: 330-676-8782)

Vocal Music

Corey Fowler – (voicemail: 330-676-8890)