Ohio Graduation Requirements


To qualify for graduation from Theodore Roosevelt High School, students must meet the criteria below.



English Language Arts

4 Credits - English 9, 10, 11, 12


4 Credits - Must include Algebra II or equivalent 


3 Credits - Must include 1 credit Physical Science; 1 credit Biology; PLUS 1 credit from Advanced Science: CP Chemistry, CP Physics or Environmental Science; etc.

Social Studies

3 Credits - Must include 1 credit World History or AP Human Geography; 1 credit American History; 1 credit American Government (Integrates Economics and Financial Literacy)


½ Credit - Grade 9

Physical Education

½ Credit - Must include 1 semester of Dimensions Physical Education for 9th grade and 1 semester of Physical Education in Grades 10, 11, or 12

Fine Arts

1 Credit - Must include two semesters of Fine Arts.  Students taking one credit or one year of a coherent sequential career-technical track of courses that follow a career-technical pathway may replace the fine arts requirement with the courses/credit earned for Theodore Roosevelt High School.


5 Credits - Excludes Physical Education and Health (.5 Personal Finance for >2026


21 Credits

Graduation Tests 

and/or Seals 

Students will participate in Ohio State Test Assessments and qualify for state and local seals. 


The Honors Diploma is awarded to those students who are pursuing either an Academic, Career & Technical, STEM, Arts, or Social Science & Civic Engagement program of study, and exceed the minimum graduation requirements.  A sticker stating Honors Diploma is affixed to a student’s diploma and a special insignia appears next to their name in the commencement program.  Students must complete and submit an Honors Diploma Application with needed field experience documentation, portfolio, and any additional assessments required to their school counselor by March 1, of the senior year.