Congratulations with a Gold Star you did it
Words Summer reading with a sun holding a book and a palm tree
ACT Surpercourse flyer
Words saying the ACT with a red splash under the ACT
Quest Bridge logo College Partner black and white
ACT pre course with a picture of a light bulb split in half one side a brain
College Credit Plus Logo Ohio
the ACT test logo  black lettering with red splash under
Kent Police Explorer Program with Black Female Student posing and an American Flag in background.
Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administration logo
Kent Fire Dept. patch and Young women in Kent interested in firefighting posing with firemen and equipment
Clip art of a report card it has a hand holding a pencil and check boxes with lines
A.C.T. Test Supercourse flyer in Hudson
Picture of first slide presentation of "What is the PSAT"
We can't mask how excited we are to welcome you back