May 16

Congratulations to the Holden girls and coaches that completed a 5K run on Saturday for Girls' on the Run. It was a great showing and the girls did an amazing job.

Coaches: Susan Louis, Nicole Stine (school psychologist), Megan Marks (Title 1 teacher), Jessica Gardner (parent)

Students: Miriam Gardner, Stella Miller, Kira McKinney, Phoenix Banks, Zoe Mistur, Sofia Gandolfi, Sara Samkari, Yasmeen Samkari, Basmah Samkari, Mahaylah Proctor, Hanna Elbahnasawy, Claire Gilliland, Angela Hamzeh, Heaven Newman, Cara Haynes, and Emma Knapp

Holden Scholars

I would like to congratulate our Holden Scholars for the month of April. These students demonstrated the following characteristics in and outside of the classroom; inquiry, seeking knowledge, communicating their thoughts, open-mindedness, risk-taking and reflectiveness.

Amya Turnage
Harlow Wright
Gannon Gaglione
Izzy Hill
Marlee Cline
Serenity Bussle
Abdullah Alazzaz
Sara Samkari
Sophia Reed
Noah Fankhauser and Daniel Kirby
Kayla Koher
Kari Casto and Carlusie Kazadi

Kindness Letters
I would like to thank the students listed below for the kindness that they have shown last week. I appreciate them being kind to others and helping others out. They are leading by example.

Yasmina Elbahnasawy
Zoe Mistur
Izzy Konnoff
Isaac Soyars
Phoenix Budzar
Faith Dixon
Jay’Mari Grayson

Google Calendar
Tuesday, May 24 - 1st Grade Celebration of Learning (9:30-11:00) Parents are welcome.
Tuesday, May 24 - 3rd Grade Celebration of Learning (1:30-3:00) Parents are welcome
Wednesday, May 25 - 2nd Grade Celebration of Learning (9:30-11:00) Parents are welcome.
Wednesday, May 25 - 4th Grade Celebration of Learning (1:30-3:00) Parents are welcome
Monday, May 30 - No School for Students
Wednesday, June 1 - Field Day
Thursday, June 2 - 8:45 5th Grade Recognition
Thursday, June 2 - 9:45 5th Grade Celebration of Learning
Thursday, June 2 - 2:30 K-4 Student Recognition (Lion's Club, Art, Music, Attendance Writers' Club, Student Council)