Thursday, December 7 - Holiday Shop - Classroom teachers have signed up for a time for their class to shop.  There should be more information sent home this week.  Students typically bring in a list of people they are buying for along with money.  The students shop during their class time and bring home the gifts to be wrapped at home.  

Friday, December 8 - Holiday Shop

Monday, December 11 - HSA Meeting @ 6:00

Tuesday, December 12 - Mobile Dentist

Thursday, December 14 - High School Choir Caroling

Friday, December 15 - 5th Graders to Akron Art Museum

Friday, December 22 - 1:00 Early Release

Friday, December 22 - Holiday Parties - Each grade level will set their own party times.  (1st and 2nd Grade 12:15, 3rd Grade 11:00, 5th Grade 10:00)

Monday, December 25 - Winter Break Begins

Hat and Hoods:

Beginning in January, students will not be allowed to wear hats or hoods in school.  Students can wear hoodies to school but they will need to keep the hood down when they are inside the building.  Unfortunately, this issue has started to impact academics and is also increasing discipline issues. 

Outdoor Recess During Winter:

Please make sure you check the weather every morning with your child and have them dress for the weather. It is that time of the year in Ohio that the weather changes drastically from hour to hour. Students will go outside to recess if the temperature is above 20 degrees with the windchill. When there is snow on the ground we ask students to stay on the black top unless they have snow pants or two pairs of pants and snow boots. This is to prevent students from having to sit in wet clothes all day. Please go over these expectations with your child. We will not be calling home for a change of clothes. If you feel it is necessary, you can send a change of clothes to school with your child.

Respect, Responsibility, and Safety Brick Signing ( Update: 177 different students have signed a brick. We have 410 signatures. 148 signatures for Respect, 188 for Responsibility, and 74 for Safety.)

Each week students are selected to be recognized for demonstrating one or more of our Holden expectations.  These students are shared on morning announcements.  Each student is able to sign a brick in the hallway that represents the expectation they demonstrated that week.  The following students were recognized this week and signed a brick in the hallway.

RESPECT:  Addy Corsi, Nailah Perry, Riley Whetstone, Cassidy Dunn, Logan Boettler, Leona Herron, Yasmina Elbahnasawy, Silas Wells, Quilyn Patterson, Layan Al Ramadhan, Xavier Dennis, Veronika Hall, and Bryce Epps.

RESPONSIBILITY:  Athena Edvon, Amara Ramey, Serenity Bussle, Shyanne Williams, DaltonRessler, Dylan Breiding, Brycen Lemmon, Quentin Heeter, Miguel Eshelman, Zoey Conwell, Miriam Gardner, Noah Beech, Ezekiel Tippey, Ariel Winning, Amaya Watson, Jaxon Backus, Hailey Rudawsky, Knatasha Richardson, Madelynn Morris, and Quinton Thomas.

SAFETY:  Carter Jefferies, Isaac Whipple, and Jaxon Backus.