Friday, October 20 - End of 1st Nine Weeks 

Friday, October 20 - Whole School Evacuation

Saturday, October 21 - 11:00-1:00 Fall Family Festival - Trunk or Treat (to hand out candy)

Tuesday, October 24 - 3rd Grade State Reading Test

Wednesday, October 25 - 3rd Grade State Reading Test

Thursday, October 26 - Title 1 Family Night 5:30-7:00 at High School

Friday, October 27 - Halloween Parties - Costumes must be school appropriate - No weapons 2:00 - Weather permitting, we will have the parade outside on the playground.

Thursday, November 2 - 5:00-8:00 Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 10 - 2:15 Veteran's Day Assembly

Monday, November 20 - No School for all students - Inservice Day

Tuesday, November 21 - 8:00-3:00 Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School for Students

Wednesday, November 22-November 24 - Thanksgiving Break

Monday, November 27 - School Back in Session

Thank You:

A big THANK YOU to the parents that helped out with the book fair.  Every student at Holden received one free book.  A special thank you to Wendy Miller and Lisa Wilson for organizing the event.    Also thank you to Mike Porto, Lisa Bettinger, and Taylor Ward.

Read -A-Thon:

This is the first year we have not done Kent State ushering.  The ushering allowed us to raise more than $12,000 each year to help support students and teachers.  We are trying to find a way to replace these funds in order to keep up the support from HSA.  The read-a-thon brought in just over $3,800 dollars.  Thank you to all the families that participated and for supporting HSA.  There will be a  pizza lunch this Wednesday, October 18, during  lunchtime, for students that were able to raise a substantial amount of money.  I will send out the list of students this evening.  Thank you again.   

 Safety Drills:

Each year we are required by law to do 9 fire drills, a lock down drill, evacuation drill and a scenario drill.  We are also required to do tornado drills during the months of March, April, May and June.   An evacuation drill involves the students running away from the building and arriving at a rally point.  This drill will involve our students running to the corner of Cherry Street and Franklin Ave.  The road is alway blocked off by the police.  The scenario drill requires staff and students to decide if they need to evacuate the building or remain locked down, depending on the information that they know.

Respect, Responsibility, and Safety Brick Signing

Each week students are selected to be recognized for demonstrating one or more of our Holden expectations.  These students are shared on morning announcements.  Each student is able to sign a brick in the hallway that represents the expectation they demonstrated that week.  The following students were recognized this week and signed a brick in the hallway.

RESPECT:  Xavier Dennis,Tre’von Bussle,Dylan Breiding, Amara Ramey, Kason Tyler, Nailah Perry, Dalton Ressler, Bryce Epps, Jacob Freeman, Ruby Straw, Yasmina Elbahnasawy, Logan Frank, Chasitie Stacey, Sophia Lowe, Teddy Mapes, Charlotte Porto, Mykha Wright, Gigi Petry, and Vivianne Manning

RESPONSIBILITY: Davis Miller, Riley Bourne, Will Wilson, Shyanne Williams, Emery Epps, Alex Jones, Philip Wilson, Julia Holm, Cole Edwards, Inara Gaglione, and Vera Whitted

SAFETY:  Emmett Metz, Brycen Lemmon, Johnte Warren, and King Berry

Kindness Letters

I would like to thank the students listed below for the kindness that they have shown last week. I appreciate them being kind to others and helping others out. They are leading by example.

Bryce Epps, for making a new student feel welcomed.

Amiyah Stewart, for giving some of her money to a student who was short a few dollars for the book fair.

Sam Lewis, for always being a leader and helping Ms. Adams and telling Ms. Ives tons of kind acts so other students can be recognized.