Monday, October 9-11 - Fall Book Fair

Monday, October 9 - 6:00 HSA Meeting 

Wednesday, October 11 - 5:00-8:00 Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, October 12 - Early Release - Students leave at 1:00

Friday, October 13 - No School for All Students - Teacher Inservice Day

Friday, October 20 - End of 1st Nine Weeks 

Friday, October 20 - Whole School Evacuation

Tuesday, October 24 - 3rd Grade State Reading Test

Wednesday, October 25 - 3rd Grade State Reading Test

Friday, October 27 - Halloween Parties - Costumes must be school appropriate - No weapons 2:00 - Weather permitting, we will have the parade outside on the playground.

Thursday, November 2 - 5:00-8:00 Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 10 - 2:15 Veteran's Day Assembly

Monday, November 20 - No School for all students - Inservice Day

Tuesday, November 21 - 8:00-3:00 Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School for Students

Wednesday, November 22-November 24 - Thanksgiving Break

Monday, November 27 - School Back in Session

 Safety Drills:

Each year we are required by law to do 9 fire drills, a lock down drill, evacuation drill and a scenario drill.  We are also required to do tornado drills during the months of March, April, May and June.   An evacuation drill involves the students running away from the building and arriving at a rally point.  This drill will involve our students running to the corner of Cherry Street and Franklin Ave.  The road is alway blocked off by the police.  The scenario drill requires staff and students to decide if they need to evacuate the building or remain locked down, depending on the information that they know.

Holden Scholars

I would like to congratulate our Holden Scholars for the month of April. These students demonstrated the following characteristics in and outside of the classroom; inquiry, seeking knowledge, communicating their thoughts, open-mindedness, risk-taking and reflectiveness.

Kindergarten: Inara Gaglione and Atlas Tupa

1st Grade: Brycen Lemmons and Alessandro Gandolfi

2nd Grade: Layan Al Ramadhan and Teddy Mapes

3rd Grade: Izzy Hill, Hunter Schuman and Jynesis Bankston

4th Grade: Ava Meade and Clara Costello

5th Grade: Will Wilson and Bryce Beach

Respect, Responsibility, and Safety Brick Signing

Each week students are selected to be recognized for demonstrating one or more of our Holden expectations.  These students are shared on morning announcements.  Each student is able to sign a brick in the hallway that represents the expectation they demonstrated that week.  The following students were recognized this week and signed a brick in the hallway.

RESPECT: Cora Kunkle, Carter Jefferies, Cara Haynes, Alex Jones, Jaxus Backus, Cassidy Dunn, Ari Agema, Kaylynne Manning, Syria Stokes-Brown, Yasmeena Elbahnasawy, Jayson Timmons, Zae’Ana Chaney, Malachi Chappell, Qua’Nae Burrell, Gianna Petry, Timothy Haney, Harlow Wright, Issa Perry, Azalee Butler, Athena Edvon, Kennedy Williams, Aryah Allison, Dominica Williams, Avianna Meade, Serenity Upshaw, Logan Boettler, Tristan Blankenship, Simon McKinney, Jensen Bulman, Hunter Schuman, Malyk Foster, Ethan Morris and Addy Corsi

RESPONSIBILITY: Mikaylah Bulman, Yasmeen Samkari, Isaac Whipple, Dylan Breiding, Brynlee Lindsay, Malyk Foster, William Tinkler, Nailiah Perry, Brycen Lemmon, Dream Prince, Isaac Soyars, Arturo Dea, Everleigh Ramey, Noah Beach, Xavier Dennis, Owen Williams, Abel McEwen, Amelia Stanley, Karielle Richardson, Will McHenry, Nunzia DiGiacomo, Mikayla Bulman, Carter Jeffries, Zoe Mistur, Derih’Ana Chaney, Ariel Winning, Levi Flaitz, Shyanne Williams, Amara Ramey, Brynlee Lindsay  and Vivienne Lattur-Bowen

SAFETY: Ruby Straw, D’Myracle McRae, Amyas Perry, Arthur Eaves, Zhara Cammon, Emery Epps, Logan Frank, Naomi Pipoly, Sam Lewis, D’Myracle McRae and Simon McKinney

Kindness Letters

I would like to thank the students listed below for the kindness that they have shown last week. I appreciate them being kind to others and helping others out. They are leading by example.

Justin Jones, for offering to help clean up a student's food tray that spilled in the mail lobby.  

Kaitlyn Pickering, Emily Bettinger, Tanner Miranda, Amiyah Stewart and Ava Meade, for working together to clean up a big water spill in the classroom.

Tre'von Bussle, for helping a student who was upset and walking the student to Ms. Ives' office.

Amara Ramey, for helping to look out for some younger students on the bus and making sure they get home safely.

Kason Tyler, for encouraging a fellow student to make a good choice when they were upset.

King Berry, for playing with a student when they had no one to play with.