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Davey Elementary Drop off & Pick Up Procedures

The following drop-off and pick-up procedures have been established in order to assure the safety of our students. Please be courteous to other drivers and vigilant in watching out for the safety of our students.
In past school years, there has been an increase of traffic flowing through pedestrian walk zones. Several students and staff members were nearly hit by drivers operating automobiles attempting to drop passengers off in unauthorized areas. In order to lessen the congestion and ensure that all students can arrive and depart safely we have implemented a drop off and pick up route for our students and families to follow throughout the school year.

Preschool Students and Student with Special Needs may be dropped off in the main lot.
All others must follow the above drop off/pick up procedure and may not utilize the main parking lot.

As a reminder, students must all be dropped off / picked up at the back of the Davey building
(playground parking lot). Students may be dropped off between 8:20 -8:40. At 8:40 a.m. the playground gate will be closed and the door will be locked. All students arriving after 8:40 a.m. must be accompanied with an adult to the main office for sign-in. Parents who choose to pick up their students at the end of the school day may begin to line up in the playground parking lot entrance. Playground gate will be open at approximately 3:00 p.m. daily. Students will begin to exit the back doors at 3:14 p.m.

Drivers need to pull as far forward as possible to the drop off / pick up point. This allows for
several cars to unload/load simultaneously behind you.\

The entrance to the playground parking lot has two lanes. The inner lane entrance will follow back to the drop off / pick up area. After your student has been dropped off or picked up you should continue around the parking lot and exit the lot. Those people cutting the line create a traffic jam and safety hazard.

The playground parking lot is a drop off/pick up zone only. Please have your child ready for drop
off and remind them to come right out for pick up after school. For those parents whose child is
not out after school, we are asking you to either: go around again, and wait or if your child
consistently comes out late, show up later.

 Please remember, children must exit the right hand side of vehicle only.

Ten parking lot spaces have been added to the Davey Main parking lot for short-term Visitor parking. Please utilize the visitor parking for late arrival and early pick up. Additional parking is available on side streets. Please do not double park and/or block other cars in.

 PLEASE NOTE: Drop off and pick up on Whittier Drive is strictly prohibited

The safety of all of our students, your children, is of great importance. Our policies are
implemented with safety being our first and foremost concern. We are requesting your
continuous support in upholding our high standards of performance in academics, activities,
and behavior.