September Update

Substitute teachers are needed in the Kent City Schools. Interested candidates are urged to apply for the 2016-2017 school year.

Although those with a current State of Ohio teaching license are preferred, any candidate with a bachelor’s degree is encouraged to apply.

Interested applicants should e-mail Winnie Warner at to arrange an interview.

Dear parents,

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year as we kick off a year of learning and student achievement in the Kent City Schools. Our students are engaged in relevant learning, and their teachers truly care about their achievements. We are implementing new initiatives to help each student succeed.

Meet and Greet planned for those who played in Roosevelt/Ravenna football game

As part of the celebration of the 102-year-old football rivalry between the Roosevelt Roughriders and Ravenna Ravens, Kent City Schools is hosting a Meet and Greet before next Friday’s game on September 9. Former Roosevelt and Ravenna football players, who played in this well-known competition, are invited to join us for cold drinks or coffee in the tent at the south end zone area of the track. We will gather between 5:30 and 6:45 p.m. before the 7 p.m. kickoff. The Kent-Ravenna game is one of the oldest gridiron rivalries in the state of Ohio, and this rich history deserves to be celebrated. Go Riders! 



Meet our new teachers!

Bottom row from left, Louis Katona, ELL; Emily Suzuki, Intervention Specialist at Roosevelt; Cassie Baldwin, Intervention Specialist at Davey; Danielle Wardell, Cosmetology at Roosevelt; Erin Wood, Intervention Specialist at Walls: Heather Lynn, Physical Education at Holden; Lindsey Shook, Intervention Specialist at Longcoy; Arnetta Crook, Fourth Grade at Davey

Middle row from left, Aundrea Souza, Instrumental Music at Roosevelt; Sarah Dreger, Kindergarten at Longcoy; Jennifer Flaherty, Library Media at Roosevelt; Kaleigh Katz, Fourth Grade at Davey; Rob Finch, Intervention Specialist at Stanton; Allison Solberg, Speech/Language Pathologist at Roosevelt and elementary buildings; Amanda Brately, First Grade at Longcoy.

Top row from left, Christian Hunter, Intervention Specialist at Roosevelt;

Meliani Snellenberger, Library Media at elementary buildings; Beth Wills, French at Roosevelt; Shelley Loofboro, Third Grade at Holden; Samantha Wittkopp, Kindergarten at Davey; Rachel Persinger; Intervention Specialist at Longcoy. Not pictured: Irene Webster, Speech/Language Pathologist at Holden and Jay Wilson, Integrated Science at Roosevelt.

Implementing Red Flags Framework to support mental health

One of our district initiatives this year is the implementation of the K-12 Red Flags Framework. Red Flags was designed by school professionals and mental health practitioners to be inexpensive, effective and simple to implement. Red Flags supports mental health education as a universal prevention strategy by engaging the entire school community, nurturing sound mental health habits and intervening in the event of mental illness in an appropriate and timely way. A basic understanding of mental health can also significantly reduce stigma and eventually eliminate it. Our teachers and administrators will receive Red Flags training and updates this year.

The four pillars of the Red Flags Framework are:

  • informed school staff
  • informed parents
  • informed students
  • a protocol that is specific to your school

Thank you again for your continued support of the Kent City Schools.

George J. Joseph

Superintendent of Schools

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