Dear Parents:

The school is aware of some of the issues that many of you are having regarding the quality of your pictures this year. We have contacted Ripcho Studio, and it is committed to helping us resolve these problems.

If you didn’t get the color background that you ordered, you can get your child’s picture retaken on picture retake day November 2. You may also call the studio at 216-631-0664 and talk with customer service to have the background changed digitally.

If you are not satisfied with the tone of the picture or you believe it looks “washed out,” you can also have your child’s picture retaken. There is no additional cost for any retakes, but you must turn in your package on retake day.

If you did not receive the package you ordered, those are being corrected and have been expedited. As soon as we receive them here at the school, they will be sent home.

Questions? You may contact Bill Ripcho directly at 216-287-7018 and he will be happy to speak with you.