Walls Elementary named Ohio ‘School of Promise’

In addition to earning the “Excellent with Distinction” award, Walls Elementary was named a School of Promise by the Ohio Department of Education for 2011-2012.

Schools that are helping all demographic groups of students achieve, even when more than 40 percent of the students are identified as economically disadvantaged, are recognized with this honor.  Successful practices in Schools of Promise show:
•       Rigorous standards and instruction
•       Strong instructional leadership
•       Instruction designed for all students’ success
•       Parent and community involvement
•       Positive school culture

According to Walls Principal Heidi Singer, “Walls is a neighborhood school.  Many of our families walk with their kids to school, stop in the office and visit with the teachers.  All our families really value education.”

Singer credits the level of commitment of her teachers.  “Our teachers look at the individual needs of each student to identify their strengths and weaknesses.  It’s not a one size fits all approach, nor are we only focused on testing.  We are helping each student succeed.”