We are offering spirit-wear again this season – with an updated design.  We have been using the same design the past three seasons and thought we’d mix it up a bit. Here is a preview of a design that many of the girls like (it incorporates the new Rider soccer logo)….

Chest Logo - spiritwear
We will be offering a variety of colors and styles BUT we need to move quickly…

We are setting a deadline for this coming weekend (allowing Monday for you procrastinators!). Here is a link to the order form

Ritchies Sporting Goods will be providing the items, so all checks will be made payable to them.  We hope to turn this order around with 1.5-2 weeks from when I place the order.

Bake/Concession sales at SMS 7th & 8th Grade Open House

We have permission to sell baked items at SMS tomorrow night!

Luana Jividen and Joyce Wyant have offered to bake tonight and work the stand at Open House (with the help of Bella and Jendaya – AND any other players that want to help!).  Takesha Johnson has also offered to work the Concession Stand during the game, but I am sure she would love a little help here and there 🙂

We will try and sell at the Concession Stand and at SMS Open House (whatever items we do not sell at the game).  We know it is late notice, but anyone that would like to donate items for sale can bring them to the game/concession stand or to our table at Open House, which we hope will be located in the main hallway!  We may even try and sell some spirit wear…

Car Wash on 9/6 & 9/13 are Cancelled

Unfortunately we will have to cancel this coming Saturday’s car wash due to a lack of people available to help.  There are a few players that can make it, but no adults available (and Annie is out of town, too!).

And the following weekend I am proctoring the ACT test at RHS until 12:30, then have to run to Twinsburg with my kids, whom I also have that weekend!  So next weekend is out 🙁

On a brighter note, Saturday, September 20 is looking very promising.  It is the day with the most players and parents available.  So I will keep that on the books and hope for good weather!  More to come about that car wash….

Candle Sales



A big Thank You goes out to Nicole Raybould (Kaylee’s mom) for helping with yet another fundraiser for the girls…

Last week she met with the girls and passed out order forms for these All-American made soy candles, which a friend of hers sells – and we get 50% of the profits!

There are ten different scents to choose from.  The deadline for the orders is Thursday, September 11 (absolutely NO Later than the following Monday!).  Order forms can be returned to me at practices.

Please encourage the girls to get out there and sell what they can…

Hollywood Squares for Sale

Many thanks to Joyce Wyant and Family for their willingness to bake for $$$

Hollywood Squares

Proceeds donated to the Stanton Middle School 7th/8th Grade Girls Soccer Team!

50 cents/piece or 3 for $1.00

To order via email: hollywoodsquares4sms@yahoo.com

Please allow 24 hours for order to be made

Pick up/delivery can be during practices or games only!