Faculty & Staff Directory

8th Grade Faculty

Brandon Caipen
     Grade 7/8 Social Studies
     Phone: 330-676-8578
     Email: bcaipen@kentschools.net
Cynthia Carpenter
     Grade 8 Mathematics
     Phone: 330-676-8521
     Email: ccarpenter@kentschools.net
Adrienne Cobb
     Grade 7/8 Language Arts
     Phone: 330-676-8522
     Email: acobb@kentschools.net
Jeremy Garver-Hughes
     Grade 7/8 Social Studies
     Phone: 330-676-8534
     Email: jgarverhughes@kentschools.net
Peggy Henry
     Grade 7/8 Language Arts
     Phone: 330-676-8537
     Email: phenry@kentschools.net
Alyson Schoff
     Grade 7/8 Science
     Phone: 330-676-8557
     Email: aschoff@kentschools.net
Christopher Slocum
     Grade 8 Social Studies
     Email: cslocum@kentschools.net
Joshua Thomas
     Grade 7/8 Science
     Phone: 330-676-8547
     Email: jthomas@kentschools.net
Christian Vanderneut
     Grade 8 Science
     Phone: 330-676-8569
     Email: cvanderneut@kentschools.net


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