Office Phone Numbers

We’d love to hear from you! The following offices are available for contact at your convenience.

Main Office

Main Office Phone: 330-676-8600
Main Office Fax: 330-676-8605


Anthony Horton, Principal
Phone: 330-676-8612

Sarah Carnahan, Principal’s Secretary
Phone: 330-676-8611

Assistant Principals

Kathy Scott, Assistant Principal
Phone: 330-676-8616

Aaron Hido, Dean of Students
Phone: 330-676-8623


Jamie Sopko, Treasurer/Secretary
Phone: 330-676-8614

Activities / Athletics

Marty Tinkler, Athletic Coordinator
Phone: 330-676-8640


To Report a Student Absent – Please call  330-678-7500

Rachel Severn, Attendance Secretary
Phone: 330-676-8601


Phone: 330-676-8604


Jason Goshe, Counselor 
Phone: 330-676-8624

Carly Frey, Counselor 
Phone: 330-676-8626

Kandice Lorduy, Counselor 
Phone: 330-676-8625

Dena Campbell, Counseling Secretary / EMIS
Phone: 330-676-8620
Fax: 330-676-8622

Nicole Zuzolo, School Psychologist
Phone: 330-676-8627

Counseling Webpage

Library and Media Services

Media Center Main Line
Phone: 330-676-8631

Courtney Baliman, Technology Coordinator
Phone: 330-676-8510

Cheyenne Laflin, Library/Media Center
Phone: 330-676-8632

Media Center Webpage

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