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6th Grade Choir:

Since most of our concerts are shared with the 6th grade band the dress will be white shirt on top and black bottoms. Black jeans are fine and shirts must be tucked in.

7-8th Grade Choirs:

We will be wearing the same choir T-shirts as last year. 7th graders need to purchase a shirt for $8.00. The bottoms need to be black and all shirts must be tucked in.


  • Sit in assigned seats.
  • Nothing on the risers except your folder. All books, purses, etc. will be set along the wall.
  • Full participation in all activities during rehearsal.
  • Ready to warm-up when the bell rings.
  • No food or drink brought into the choir room.
  • NO GUM.
  • Attitude of respect and cooperation.


  • Present at ALL rehearsals.
  • Present at all concerts.
  • Proper concert attire worn at each concert.
  • Pencil and paper in your choir folder.
  • Present at lunch time sectionals if in an ensemble or in band or orchestra.


  • Each student starts each 9 weeks with 100 points.
  • 40 points are for daily attendance.
  • 25 points are for concert attendance and attire. The Kent City Schools policy on attendance excuses only illness, death or an emergency situation. A note or phone call in case of an emergency or illness must be received prior to the concert for absences to be excused. Lack of transportation, work schedule, birthday, etc. are unexcused absences and all points will be lost. 5 points will be deducted for improper concert attire.
  • 25 points for participation/attitude during rehearsals.
  • 10 points for written work. (folder checks, quizzes)


  • 3 points for each tardy.
  • 10 points for each unexcused absence.
  • 3 points for gum or having anything else on the risers except folders.
  • 5 points for not participating in an expected activity.

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