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PTO Fundraising Flyers – Help support Stanton!

Please click here to see flyers for shopping and dining to donate:
SMS Twisted Meltz      SMS 5Below
Have fun shopping and dining while you support your child’s school!
Please note, the Twisted Meltz event is this Tuesday evening, Nov. 25.
There are several dates and times on the Five Below flyer.
We hope you can support one or both of these fundraising events!  Just remember to bring the flyers with you!  
Thank you for your support!

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Need gift ideas?
Entertainment Books make the perfect gift for family and friends!
We still have a limited number of Entertainment Books in the Stanton Main Office! (Akron Area)
They are $30.  Your purchase will not only delight the recipient, but also help your child’s school! WOW!  Stop by the Main Office to pick up your Entertainment Book today!
PS – You can also buy online!! You can buy over 110 editions as gifts for those in other states/metropolitan areas.  The SMS Group ID number is 919227.   So DON’T DELAY – BUY TODAY!!!!