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Medication Forms for 8th Grade Philly Trip

For those parents who have supplied us with medication in the school clinic for this school year, those medications will go with your children on the trip, unless you advise me otherwise.

You need only use one of these forms IF you need to send a medication on the trip which we DO NOT have in the clinic at the present time. I would like to ask that if you are sending over the counter medication which we do not have in the clinic now, that you send the smallest pharmacy bottle available; for instance Advil( Ibuprofen) comes in a very small bottle clearly marked with the words Ibuprofen 200 mg.. The large bottles take up too much space and your child will not need that many for a three day trip.

We cannot take medications which are contained in bottles which do not clearly identify the medication and dose.  I will need ONE FORM FOR EACH MEDICATION. Please do not put Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl with all of their directions all on one sheet. This is VERY confusing for those who may be administering the medication. Write clear directions as to the strength, dosage, time given, method given, and any other instructions you may have for the chaperones. If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please call me. I will see you at the parent meeting on the 7th.

Kent City Schools med admin policy for 8th grade trip
Over Night Allergy Action Plan REVISE
Over Night AsthmaSchoolActionPlan_2011[1]
over night Non Prescription Medication Form 2013 (1)
Over Night Prescription Medication Form

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