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Special Area Classes – Learning Packets

Health – Ms. Cummins

Google classroom codes:
6th grade: azortru
7th grade: uyjpi5d
8th grade: egkrzud

Physical Education 

Industrial Technology

Google Classrooom Codes:
6th grade – a5xd5sr
7th grade – hdkprz7
8th grade – tmc6jki


Drawing Prompts

Google Classroom Codes:

Sixth Grade Art
1st Period: o53kqac
2nd Period: fujfouu
Seventh Grade Art
3rd Period: pq5gpqo
4th Period: 6ruh3ie
Eighth Grade Art
6th Period: rynwz62
7th Period: it4eiya

Parent Broadcast System

Would you like to receive updates from Kent City Schools, through texts or phone calls?

Confirm/Update your contact information Parent Broadcast System.

You can sign-up for text messaging from One Call Now by texting the word “alert” to 22300, as long as your cell phone number is already in the One Call Now database.  To add your cell phone number or to check the status of your phone numbers and e-mail addresses, please go to the Self Update Portal and sign up or log in to access your information. 


One Call Now has a SELF UPDATE PORTAL for you to view and update your contact information.

Go to the One Call Now portal for Kent City Schools and click the “Sign Up” button.  The system will walk you through creating and editing your profile. When creating or editing your contact information, be aware of the “Main Contact” box.  If a low-priority message about an upcoming event goes out, it will only go to your “Main Contact” number.  High priority messages go to all numbers. You can change your “Main Contact” number to the phone where you want to receive the low priority messages.