Drop off/Pick up Student Belongings 5/26-5/29

Below is a schedule for parents to pick up student belongings and/or drop off textbooks/library books  next week. Chromebooks will not  be collected at this time unless you are leaving the district. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, May 26th from 12 – 6 for 6th grade.

Wednesday, May 27th from 12 – 6 for 7th grade.

Thursday, May 28th from 12 – 6 for 8th grade.

Friday, May 29th from 12 – 4 for make-up times for any grade level.

Your student’s belongings, from their lockers, are all bagged and stored in the gymnasium.

When you come to Stanton please come to the gym doors by the event doors off of Roosevelt drive (just like chrome book pickup).  When you arrive in your vehicle you will be greeted by a staff member, remain in your vehicle.  If you are dropping off books a staff member will collect them and if you are picking up your student belongings give the staff member your child’s name and pod color/name and we will bring you your student’s belongings.  I appreciate the Kent community and Kent schools for working together to get through these unique times. Thank you and enjoy the holiday weekend!

Anthony Horton- SMS Principal