Digital/Distance Learning April 2020 Beginning April 6th

Hello Odyssey Team Students!

First, we want to say that your teachers miss you all very much. Part of why we all became teachers was to interact with all of you on a daily basis and build relationships. I hope you all know we have not forgotten about you and we have been working hard to come up with a plan to continue to learn and grow together as a team!

As of right now, this is how the Odyssey Team will be formatting instruction:

Each of your core teachers will be posting assignments on their Google Classrooms. It is your job to check these classrooms daily to keep up on work and submit assignments / complete assessments in a timely fashion. 

For help in any subject area all teachers will be available every day from 8am-9am, via Google Classroom. This is a time for the students to go onto Google Classroom and direct message the teacher for immediate feedback.

IN ADDITION TO CHECKING YOUR WORK IN EACH SUBJECT DAILY: Between the hours of 9:15am- 10am Monday- Thursday, the students will be meeting by class period with their teacher (schedule will be below). This can be a time for the teacher to meet with students via Google Meet, Zoom, Pear Deck, and etc. This is smaller group instructional time, where more intense intervention can be received, or perhaps a more difficult concept can be reviewed. This can also be a time for students to work together in small peer groups and connect. 

Most importantly, stay calm and do not stress. We are here to help you all and we will get through this together. If you are confused, ASK. We tried to make this as simple as possible for you all, below is an hourly schedule summing up the above information. Also, Mrs. Wallace is available for help!

Distance Learning Daily Schedule

8am- 9am: “TIE” Period: All teachers are available to field questions from students via Google Classroom

9:15- 10:00: “FaceTime” (discretion of the teacher for how this will look) with certain class periods via the following schedule:

Mondays: 1st period 

Tuesday: 2nd Period

Wednesday: 6th period

Thursday: 7th period 

(So for example, if you have 1st period Language Arts, on Monday you would check Mrs. Potok’s Google Classroom and see what “Face Time”  activity she has for you that day (could just be checking in on Google Chat about the weeks readings), then on Tuesday if you have Math 2nd period you would check Mrs. Denzinger’s Classroom for a “FaceTime” activity… etc. Everyone will go through all the periods once a week, this is just for you to get small group time with each one of  your teachers)

We then recommend you use the following schedule to help organize their time (do not have to go in this order, this is just a SUGGESTION)

11:00- 12:00: Lunch

12:00- 12:30: Language Arts

12:30- 1:00: Science

1:00- 1:30: Math

1:30- 2:00: Social Studies


STAY HOME, STAY SAFE! We cannot wait to be together again!