State Testing Schedule

Starting on March 13, 2017, Roosevelt High School will begin to administer the state-mandated End of Course exams.  These courses will be tested:

  • English: English 9 & English 10
  • Math: Algebra (including Algebra I, Algebra I-B & Concepts of Algebra B) & Geometry (Concepts of Algebra C & Geometry)
  • Science: Biology
  • Social Studies: US Government & US History

State tests will be given on these days:

  • English: March 13 – April 6 (not 3/14, 3/21, 3/24, Spring Break or 4/3)
  • Math, Science & Social Studies: April 10 – April 25 (not 4/14 or 4/18)

Please refer to this web page for the daily testing schedule, or download it as a PDF.

Bell schedules will be modified on days when state tests are being given as follows:

  • Schedule “A”: 1st & 9th periods extended; no 2nd & 10th period classes
  • Schedule “B”: 2nd & 10th periods extended; no 1st & 9th period classes
  • Schedule “C”: 3rd period extended; no 4/5th or 5/6th period classes
  • Schedule “D”: 4/5th or 5/6th extended; no 3rd period classes
  • Schedule “E”: 6/7th or 7/8th extended; all other classes will meet with shortened periods

Schedules A & B and Schedules C & D will alternate so that all classes are still able to meet without losing instructional time.  Please refer to this PDF of modified bell schedules for more detailed information.


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