Career Technical Faculty

Jeffrey Bee
     Manufacturing/Tech. Prep.
     Phone: 330-676-8879
     Email: jbee@kentschools.net
Rhonda Butler Carson
     Career Paths for Teaching Profession
     Phone: 330-676-8810
     Email: rbutler@kentschools.net
Janelle Cuva
     CBE Teacher
     Phone: 330-676-8788
     Email: jcuva@kentschools.net
Benjamin Dunlap
     Phone: 330-676-8822
     Email: bdunlap@kentschools.net
Laura Eyring
     Phone: 330-676-8758
     Email: leyring@kentschools.net
Kelly Foreman
     Family & Consumer Science
     Phone: 330-676-8681
     Email: kforeman@kentschools.net
Thomas Franek
     Urban Forestry
     Phone: 330-676-8829
     Email: tfranek@kentschools.net
Christian Hunter
     Email: chunter@kentschools.net
Sarah Kaplan
     Phone: 330-676-8815
     Email: skaplan@kentschools.net
Theodore Karam
     Electronics/Tech. Prep.
     Email: tkaram@kentschools.net
John Lang
     Urban Forestry
     Phone: 330-676-8845
     Email: jlang@kentschools.net
Sandra Melucci
     Phone: 330-676-8777
     Email: smelucci@kentschools.net
Catherine Milton
     Health Science Technology
     Phone: 330-676-8875
     Email: cmilton@kentschools.net
Brent Pfeiffer
     Marketing Education
     Phone: 330-676-8862
     Email: bpfeiffer@kentschools.net
Terry Slattery
     Athletic Health Care & Fitness Instructor
     Phone: 330-676-8779
     Email: tslattery@kentschools.net
Troy Spear
     Industrial Technology
     Phone: 330-676-8876
     Email: tspear@kentschools.net
Angela Textor
     Health/Career Tech
     Phone: 330-676-8877
     Email: atextor@kentschools.net
Donald Titko
     Remodeling Construction
     Phone: 330-676-8882
     Email: dtitko@kentschools.net
Tanya Titus
     Phone: 330-676-8883
     Email: ttitus@kentschools.net
Alan Vanderink
     Email: avanderink@kentschools.net
Danielle Wardell
     Phone: 330-676-8777
     Email: dwardell@kentschools.net
Megan Watt
     Science/Tech. Prep.
     Email: mwatt@kentschools.net


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