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News items that have expired due to the date

Sophomore Election Results

The Elections have successfully ended.  Thank you to all candidates who participated in this year’s election and to all students who chose to participate by voting yesterday!  Sophomores, we appreciate your understanding of the need to revote yesterday.  We would now like to announce the winning candidates from yesterday’s election.  For the Sophomores . . . your President will be Audra Grimm and your Treasurer will be Angella Volchko for the 2013-14 school year.  For the Juniors . . . your President will be Taylor McWilliams-Woods for the 2013-14 school year.  Thank you again for everyone’s participation in the 2013 Spring Elections.


Attention Seniors!  Orders for Graduation announcements and accessory items will be delivered at school on Tuesday, April 30th during lunch periods in the concession stand..  Please make every effort to pick up your order and check it out immediately.  Any questions, shortages or corrections to your order should be reported to the salesman on the delivery date..  Extra announcements will be sold on a first come first serve basis for $1.50 each.  Anyone still interested in ordering a class ring can place one at this time also.


Freshman Elections

THANK YOU FRESHMEN for taking the time to vote during yesterday’s class officer election.  The results are in . . . . Congratulations to Nicole Johnson.  She will be serving as your Sophomore Class Vice-President for the 2013-14 school year.  Thank you to ALL class officer candidates for participating in yesterday’s assembly.
And SOPHOMORES . . . make sure you VOTE TODAY during lunches for your class treasurer and class president.  YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!

Girls Track and Field

Congratulations to the Girls Track and Field Team as they had two impressive wins over Coventry and Streetsboro to put them 2 and 0 in the league.  Notable performances were from Madison Mercer in the shot, Simia Lott in the disc, Katie Morsefield and Libby Bradford in the hurdles.  The 4×800 team of Sampson, Bradford, Davis and McClure, and Kaylie Murray in the 2 mile.  Congratulations girls and good luck at Kenton on Friday.

The Month of April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Anyone who drinks too much could give themselves alcohol poisoning, which is like a drug overdose.  If you pass out from alcohol poisoning and don’t get medical attention immediately, you might die.  Drunk people also die from passing out, puking and then choking on their own vomit.  You might survive if you get help soon enough, if not you could die.  Are you ready to put your life in the hands of a bunch of drunk people at a house party?  Stay sober, stay safe, stay alive.  Don’t drink.