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Congratulations Teaching Professions

Congratulations to the Teaching Professions students who competed at Educators Rising in Columbus this past Thursday. ALL juniors who competed placed in the top 10 competitors for each event!  Special congratulations to Sarah Lenzo, Sophie Ury, and Emma Valetta who competed in Inside Our Schools, Katherine Anderson who placed third in her event, Educators Moment, Victoria Bailey and Shelby Benson, placing 4th in creating a Children’s Literature Book and Manar Al-Sharifi, Morgan Graham, Chloe Craig, Cassidy McGee and James Tong who placed 3rd for Chapter Display, Olivia Walker placed 6th in her event, Shadowing/Interviewing, and Presentation of Non-Core Subject areas, and Jess Giaimo and Morgan Vincent who placed in the top ten in creating a children’s book for Preschoolers.  Great job future teachers in representing our program showing dedication and commitment.