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April 1, 2021

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

Spring is the season of new beginnings.  Hopefully, this spring will treat the Kent learning community well and hopefully, we all will be healthy and able to complete the school year on a positive note.  Listed below are some of the changes we are making for April 6.

After Spring Break, beginning Tuesday, April 6, cohorts A/B will be combined and  A/B students will be attending in-person learning at Roosevelt, Tuesday through  Friday.  If you have an A/B student that is interested in switching to remote learning, please contact your counselor as soon as possible.  After Spring Break, remote students are expected to continue to attend their classes remotely according to their class schedule, Tuesday through Friday from the hours of 7:30 a.m. to  2:30 p.m.

Even though parents and guardians made the decision to keep their students remote prior to the second semester for the entire semester, we understand they may want their child to return after spring break.   If you would like your student to return after spring break, please contact your counselor and we will place you on a list.  Please keep in mind, we want to accommodate as many students in-person, four days a week, as we safely can.  

Our graduation committee is continuing to work on graduation plans for the Class of 2021.  Graduation is currently scheduled for Saturday, May 22, 2021.  We are also planning for an in person commencement and reaching out to venues in the area that can accommodate us.    We will continue to keep you posted as our plans unfold. 

Enjoy the rest of your spring break,

Dennis Love


March 1, 2021

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since the pandemic affected the TRHS school community.   Fortunately, the  number of people who are vaccinated is increasing and infections are declining daily. We are hopeful that in these last few months we will all be able to close the school year on a positive note.  

Our graduation committee has been working on graduation plans for the Class of 2021, which is currently scheduled for Saturday, May 22, 2021.  Please click on the graduation link for more information.  

Prom, scheduled for Saturday, May 1, 2021, is another important event that we  have been working on.  The Junior Class Prom Committee, led by Advisor Christina Dreher-Rodeseheim with help from class advisors, Kelly Foreman and Tanya Titus, is working on three potential prom ideas while also waiting for specific guidelines from the local health department.  The Prom Committee invites both junior and senior students to get involved in the planning process.  Students wanting to help plan should join the Prom Google classroom where information on meetings and plans will be posted.  The Prom class code is:  4bhzc5s.  Currently, they are meeting on Tuesdays/Wednesdays at 2:45 p.m.  Remote students can join the Google meet (link in the classroom) at that time.

We sincerely thank our athletic department and all of our students, parents/guardians and coaches for putting together a winter sports season.  We know how frustrating it was at times, but everyone’s perseverance made for a successful winter sports season. Congratulations to junior Anya Ferner, who qualified for states in the diving competition and senior Chris LeSueur and junior Matt Richards, who both qualified for states in bowling.  We also congratulate the girls bowling team who had an impressive 11- 0 season and finished as Suburban League Champions.    

Chromebooks will be collected at the end of the year.  Please be certain to maintain your chrome book in good condition. If you are having an issue with your chromebook make sure you contact the chromebook line


Dennis Love


February 1, 2021

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt,

We are thrilled with the success of the 35h Annual TRHS Leadership Retreat, held virtually over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, and wish to commend the 2020 Planning Committee: Have Bailey, Makia Friedman, Patrick Gallagher, Chris Griggy, Claire Laux, Tanner McKown, Ryan Rhinehart, Taryn Thomas, and Andrew Valetta.  Their leadership during these challenging times was impressive and refreshing.  They considered the many changes facing our nation and communities — related to the pandemic, social justice, and daily living. The result of their discussions came the 2020-21 theme for the retreat:  The Evolution of Leadership: Embrace the Change, focusing specifically on adapting and embracing change.  All of our students had an opportunity to attend.  

Thursday, February 4, is a very special night at Roosevelt for our 8th graders.  The 8th Grade Open House will be a virtual event, from 7:00-8:00 p.m.  We enjoy welcoming our new students and families to our school by showing them all that we offer.  During the virtual 8th Grade Open House students and families will meet our current students, teachers, advisors, and coaches, who worked collaboratively to make this event an informative and wonderful evening, leaving a positive first impression. Our Roosevelt family works hard to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, encouraging our prospective students to get involved.  

This evening is also the Career Technical Conversation with 10th grade Parents and Students.  This virtual event is to learn about joining Career Technical Education programs at TRHS.   The list of programs, virtual meeting times and Google Meet links are below.

Program with link to website Date Time Virtual Meeting Link
Athletic Health Care & Fitness 2/4/21 6:00 PM
Business and Sports Management 2/4/21 7:00 PM
Computer-Aided Design and Engineering Technologies 2/4/21 6:00-7:30PM
Construction Technologies 2/4/21 6:30 PM
Cosmetology 2/4/21 7:00 PM
Electronics, Robotics, and Programming 2/4/21 5:00 pm AND 7:00pm
Engineering Academy 2/4/21 6:00-7:30pm
Forestry and Landscape Management 2/4/21 6:30 PM
Health Careers Technologies 2/4/21 6:00-6:30pm
Marketing Management 2/4/21 6:00-7:30pm
Teaching Professions 2/4/21 6:00-7:30pm

Once students have checked programs at TRHS or one of the Six District Educational Compact programs, the next step is to fill out an application!   Make sure you identify your preferences in rank order and apply by February 24, 2021.  See Mr. Carlton with any questions!

On Tuesday, February 23, ALL Juniors will be taking the statewide ACT test. Juniors from all cohorts will arrive at the building at 7:30 a.m., the regular school start time. Transportation after the test and lunch will be provided for all Juniors. Freshman, Sophomores and Seniors will have an asynchronous day at home. 

As we celebrate Black History this month we are opening up opportunities for members of the Kent Learning Community to be involved in our Equity and Inclusion Task force.  Please click on the invitation link if you are interested.  

Because of our hybrid model, much of the communication with Senior students will be posted in  the Class of 2021 Google Classroom. Students should join the classroom and turn on notifications. In the next few weeks, students should be scheduling a graduation meeting with Mrs. Skvarch. A link to set up the meeting is posted in the Google Classroom. This meeting is to make sure all academic graduation tasks are complete, such as credit checks and post-secondary plans.  Please call or email Senior Counselor, Ms. Skvarch: (330-676-8720) or Senior Unit Principal, Ms.Stuckey: (330-676-8715) with any questions.  Please be aware of additional forms of communication for Seniors and their families this semester:



      • search “Senior” or “Class of 2021” in the search bar for relevant postings)


  • the Senior Class Google Classroom — Student Access (facilitated by the Counseling/Administration offices) 


      • Class Code (for students to join):  d5se6ng 


  • the Senior Class of 2021 Instagram (facilitated by class advisors/officers) — @RHSClass2021
  • the Senior Class of 2021 Twitter (facilitated by class advisors/officers) — @RHSClass2021
  • the Senior Letter:  Mr. Love’s office sends this out in late March with all the details regarding the end of the year information.
  • Final Forms Emails:  As we continue through the Spring semester, senior information will also be sent to students/families via Final Forms emails.  
  • Parent Broadcasts:  Mr. Love will continue to make parent broadcasts pertinent to the senior class as needed.

School Counselors have been visiting your students English classes to discuss scheduling for the 2021-2022 school year. If you have any questions about the scheduling process please contact 330-676-8720 and ask to speak with your student’s counselor. 


Dennis Love


January 4,  2021

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

I hope you had a safe and enjoyable holiday break.

As I think back to January 2020, when I was writing the Branching Out, I could not have ever imagined what the state of our world would be in 2020.  The global pandemic has affected the Roosevelt learning community in 2020 and, unfortunately, it will continue to do so in 2021.  Hopefully, this year we will be more prepared to live in the present, appreciate when we are healthy, enjoy what we have, and find a reason to be positive. Thankfully, the Roosevelt learning community is proving to be resilient and is persevering through this tragic crisis.  We still have some long days ahead.  If we take them one day at a time, before we know it, January 2022 will be here, and COVID will be in our rear-view mirror. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in our Roosevelt community who have suffered with this virus and to those who have lost loved ones and friends.  We are also mindful of the economic hardships so many are experiencing and we encourage those who need assistance to reach out for support.

Friday, January 8, 2021, will be the end of the first semester.  Please be certain to communicate with teachers, counselors, and administrators if you need assistance.   Check Progress Book to view up-to-date grades.  Please note, there will be no midterm exams this year so grades will be based upon the first and second grading period.  

The scheduling process for the 2021-2022 school year will begin the week of  January 18, in English classes. Our goal is to be certain students are scheduled appropriately in challenging courses that reflect their interests and abilities. Career and Technical Education course information will be shared with Sophomores the week of January 11, also in English classes.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication as we begin a New Year.

Dennis Love



December 1, 2020

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

There is reason to be optimistic.  Our students and staff are hard at work with the business of learning and doing all that’s necessary to stay healthy.  A vaccine is on the horizon bringing hope that if we remain cautious and determined, we will all get back to our normal routines.   Currently the virus is running rampant throughout the country.   It is a tough time of the year to be told to stay at home and to not  be around family and friends, but we must do our best to maintain our health and protect our loved ones.  It is a stressful time for many of us, so please take advantage of local counseling services if you need them:

These last few weeks of the grading period are  critical  for the Roosevelt learning community.   Our staff  continues to strive to connect with students who are not focused on learning.  Please be certain to communicate with teachers, counselors, and administrators if you need assistance.   Check Progress Book to view up-to-date grades.  There will be no midterm exams this year so grades will be based upon the  first and second grading period.  

Even though the recent presidential election has caused quite a division throughout the country, Roosevelt students have remained extremely respectful of one another.  We are pleased and confident that it will continue into the new year.  

Each year, Roosevelt hosts the annual Theodore Roosevelt High School Leadership Retreat (usually held in November).  Our 2020-21 Leadership Retreat Planning Committee has been working hard to make this year’s retreat a reality.  They are Seniors Hava Bailey, Makhia Friedman, Patrick Gallagher, Chris Griggy, Claire Laux, Tanner McKown, Ryan Rhinehart, Taryn Thomas, and Andrew Valetta along with co-advisors Dr. Charles Bowman, Mrs. Christina Dreher-Rodesheim, and Mrs. Heidi Jurging.

This year marks the 35th retreat, and we are facing a multitude of challenges in our daily lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, we are implementing immense change in the structure and meaning of our retreat. We will be holding a completely virtual three-day conference on Saturday, January, 16, though Monday, January 18, in which we will continue to foster leadership and encourage growth in our students. As we brainstormed a focus for the retreat this year, we considered the many changes we are facing in our nation and communities — related to the pandemic, social justice, and daily living. The result of our discussions came our 2020-21 theme for the retreat:  The Evolution of Leadership: Embrace the ChangeOne major change is the open registration to ALL students interested in attending.   Any student can attend and should register today (through January 1) online and pay the $25 student fee, which covers the cost of our keynote speakers, a retreat goody bag, a student delegate workbook, and virtual access to all sessions.  Students who register by December 10 will also be guaranteed a retreat t-shirt and water bottle.

Important Dates

  • December 8-18, 2020 — Canned Food Drive Collection
  • December 21, 2020-January 1, 2021 — Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)
  • January 4, 2021 — Teacher In-service Day (NO SCHOOL for Students)

Warmest wishes for a very happy and safe holiday season.

Dennis Love



October 1, 2020

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Roosevelt High School,

The 2020 school year started like no other.  Students who are attending TRHS during one of the cohorts have been amazingly resilient.  As frustrating as this pandemic is, students are socially distancing, wearing masks, and actively engaging in their classes, activities, and sports.  We are impressed and pleased with how our staff is determining new ways to provide a high quality learning experience for our students.  Even though we know this is a challenging and difficult time, I would encourage all of us to focus on staying positive and remembering that as each day passes, we get closer to the end of this pandemic!

During this time, it is crucial we all communicate with one another.  Our staff is great when it comes to returning phone calls or emails.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.  We will communicate with you through the Roosevelt website, Final Forms, Remind application, and Progress Book.  Additionally, you may find additional information by following these school Twitter accounts: 

1st Grading Period:  The first grading period will end on Monday, October 19, and report cards will be posted on Progress Book by the end of Friday, October 23.  Whether a student is attending virtually or in person, the expectation is to be present and be willing to work.  If you are a student who is struggling, please contact your teacher, counselor, or administrator.  We are all here to help and create the best possible learning environment.  

Parent & Teacher Conferences:  On Oct. 19th, Oct. 26th and Nov. 24th parents and guardians will have the opportunity to conference with your students’ teachers.  Some teachers will be strictly virtual while others will have the ability to meet in person.  Please remember to wear a mask at all times inside the building.  


To schedule your conferences, please email Mrs. Harris at and include the following:

  1.       STUDENT NAME
  2.       TEACHER you would like to schedule with.  Type ALL if you would like all of their teachers
  3.       DATE you would like to schedule
  4.       TIME that is best for you

If you have any questions regarding conferences, please call Nicole Harris at (330) 676-8701.

Conferences will be held:

Monday, October 19th               5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Monday, October 26th               5:00 PM – 8:00 PM               

Tuesday, November 24th          7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Homecoming:  Our Homecoming events were originally scheduled for the October 2-3 weekend, which have since been cancelled .  However, due to the current COVID guidelines and district parameters, TRHS has created alternative events to celebrate a Homecoming season.  The following items are being proposed and planned by our Student Council and Booster clubs (pending final health department approval):


  • Friday, October 16, 2020 — Midway Drive-in Live Stream of FB Game


      • a virtual live streaming football game experience for all students (first come, first serve basis – based on capacity of the drive-in); 
      • fall sports virtual highlights video; 
      • homecoming court virtual presentation


  • Saturday, October 17, 2020 — Homecoming Dinner (SENIORS ONLY) & Virtual Dance


    • a Senior ONLY dinner event at the high school (so social distancing can be maintained);
    • a virtual dance (DJ event) for all students to access from home


Dennis Love



August 28, 2020

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

We are excited the school year will officially start for students on Tuesday, September 1.  Roosevelt’s two main priorities are safety and learning.  We have included some documents that will be helpful as we navigate the 2020/21 school year.

All Roosevelt students should 

  • Log into their ProgressBook accounts on September 1, to find important class codes to their Google Classroom by course and REMIND codes by class,
  • Download the REMIND app on their chromebook or personal device, and 
  • Bring their chromebooks to school.

Visit the Kent City Schools Website to access directions and links to these resources. 

FINAL FORMS:  It is important that you complete your final forms for your student(s) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.   Final Forms is a means of digitally collecting all necessary student forms, including Emergency Medical Authorization forms.  Please go to Final Forms at  Remember to check regularly for any additional forms that may be added throughout the year that students and parents have to sign off on receiving/viewing.

There were a lot of fall events planned for our students.  After the first two weeks of school, we will make a determination as to how some of those events will look like.  

Let’s do the best we can to make this another great year at Theodore Roosevelt High School.  It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of a community that cares so deeply for its young people.  Thank you for your support and dedication.


Dennis Love


August 14, 2020,

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

First and foremost, my hope is that  everyone is healthy and able to enjoy their summer.  Unfortunately, this summer Roosevelt lost another dedicated, passionate, and kind member of our staff.  On July 27, Mrs. Bonnie Dunaway unexpectedly passed away.  Mrs. Dunaway had a beautiful personality and voice, but her special gift that we most valued was her unique ability to reach out and motivate our students by loving them and holding them accountable.  She made us all better people and it was a gift to work alongside her.  

We know that many of us are unsure of how the school year will unfold.  During these tough, uncertain times it is important for all of us to work together to create the best possible environment for our students.  We know that there are many opinions on what that environment will look like.  Roosevelt’s two main priorities are safety and learning.  

With school officially starting for students on September 1, our goal is to have the following information to our students by Monday, August 24.  

  •  Schedules
  • The blended learning plan 
  • The remote learning plan
  • The safety protocols we will meet when our students are in the building.  The safety protocols will include every aspect of what will happen in the school from the time students arrive until they leave.

Whether it is in-person or remote learning, we look forward to connecting with our students.  Kent is a wonderful, supportive community that values  education.  Our positive relationships with one another will help us persevere through this challenging time.  There is no doubt that the class of 2021 will be resilient and equipped to take on the issues that this pandemic has exposed in our country.  

Let’s do the best we can to make this another great year at Theodore Roosevelt High School.  It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of a community that cares so deeply for its young people.  Thank you for your support and dedication.


Dennis Love

Branching Out – May 2020

May 1, 2020

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

We are in the midst of a tragic pandemic. Over 1 million people in the United States have been infected with COVID-19 and approximately 60,000 lives have been lost. We are hoping your family and our community is healthy. Even if you are healthy, there are plenty of other hardships that this pandemic has caused. The following post does a good job summarizing what our country is facing:

I heard that we are all in the same boat, but it’s not like that. We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat. Your ship could be shipwrecked and mine might not be. Or vice versa.
For some, quarantine is optimal. A moment of reflection, of re-connection, easy in flip flops, with a cocktail or coffee. For others, this is a desperate financial & family crisis.
For some that live alone they’re facing endless loneliness. While for others it is peace, rest & time with their mother, father, sons & daughters.
With the $600 weekly increase in unemployment some are bringing in more money to their households than they were working. Others are working more hours for less money due to pay cuts or loss in sales.
Some were concerned about getting a certain candy for Easter while others were concerned if there would be enough bread, milk and eggs for the weekend.
Some want to go back to work because they don’t qualify for unemployment and are running out of money. Others want to kill those who break the quarantine.
Some are home spending 2-3 hours/day helping their child with online schooling while others are spending 2-3 hours/day to educate their children on top of a 10-12 hour workday.
Some have experienced the near death of the virus, some have already lost someone from it and some are not sure if their loved ones are going to make it. Others don’t believe this is a big deal.
Some have faith in God and expect miracles during this 2020. Others say the worst is yet to come.
So, friends, we are not in the same boat. We are going through a time when our perceptions and needs are completely different.
Each of us will emerge, in our own way, from this storm. It is very important to see beyond what is seen at first glance. Not just looking, actually seeing.
We are all on different ships during this storm experiencing a very different journey.
-Unknown author

The expectation is that Roosevelt students are continuing to learn and completing the school work they have been provided with. We understand this may not be possible in some households and we ask you to reach out to your students, teachers, counselors, or administrators to see if we can be of assistance.

There are still a lot of questions many of you may have and over the next few weeks we will do the best we can to answer them. I will list topics that we are working on :

When can my student clean out their locker?
When will we turn in school materials?
How will I pay my fees?

I hope you are able to enjoy the E3 video that will be released today. Thank you to the E3 committee. They did a tremendous job recognizing our seniors.

Thank you,

Dennis Love

Branching Out – March 2020

March 2, 2020

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

Sadly, in February, we suffered the tragic loss of one of our valued students, Ethan Walker. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and many friends. Our staff and school community must continue to unite to support each other during this tragedy.

We are so proud of our efforts displayed during National Black History Month. Over 28 students and faculty participated in the third annual Living Museum. All high school students were able to enjoy this powerful event during their lunch periods. Even some middle school students, elementary school students, and students and teachers from other school districts were able to enjoy a tour of the museum. Other events that were scheduled during the month of February included a door decorating contest and a Read Woke series that was led by Nikki Marchmon Boykin’s Black Experience class. In addition, Roosevelt teachers made it a point to focus on the numerous African Americans who contributed to their subject area.

During Women’s History month we will also have another incredible all-school assembly. On Monday, March 9, author Nic Stone, who wrote Dear Martin, a New York Times best seller, will meet with all of our students. During their English classes, approximately 1200 students had the opportunity to read Dear Martin. Students and teachers are using professional development time to plan and prepare for this visit. This will be a special day for all Roosevelt students.

For the third time in four years, we congratulate our outstanding cheerleaders who have once again made it to states. Seniors Brittney Dengler, Aly Giunto, Sydney Golden, Maddie Graham, Lexi Hamp, Courtney Kenworthy, Onna Vacca, and Jenna White led our team to a third place finish this past Saturday at the state tournament.

On Saturday, February 22, the CTE Business Marketing program hosted the annual Princess Prom with over 350 princesses attending. This outstanding event took three months of preparation. Fifty-nine junior and senior students in the program, including students from compact schools were directly involved in the preparation, organization, and execution of the event.

We are so grateful to Roosevelt senior Abbey Keller who was this year’s Princess Prom Chairperson and Alexis Garrett (Tallmadge HS) who was the Creative Lead and Art Director. The Prom would not be the success it is without the assistance of the support staff at the elementary schools. They are patient and supportive throughout the entire process and we are beyond appreciative of their efforts. We are also grateful for our local sponsors who made donations to the event: Hungry Howie’s Pizza, McDonald’s, and Family Promise. Finally, without the assistance of the parents during the event, we would not be able to offer this wonderful and unique experience.

The annual Polar Plunge was another great event put on by 59 marketing students. We thank senior, Alex Smigel, who was this year’s Polar Plunge Chairperson. Over $4,500 was raised to benefit the Don Beckett Memorial Scholarship. The event was successful because of our key partners: Kent Fire & Brad McDougal; The Fairways at Twin Lakes & David Beck; The Overlook & Zouheir Kahawaji; Corporate partners and sponsors: The Zeiman Restaurant Group LTd. & The Davey Tree Company. DECA makes this an annual event because of the work Don (Beckett) did with the program when we organized our “Do Your Part, Start a Heart” campaign to purchase AEDs for the school system. Don’s contributions to the project were instrumental in its effectiveness and success.

We are extremely proud of our men’s bowling team for making the state tournament. Congratulations to seniors Tyler Kirby, Kobe Thigpen, Carter Troyer, and Casey Troyer. The tournament will be Friday March 5, Qualifying round begins at 10:30 a.m. Championship round begins at 3:45 p.m. at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl, 3224 South High Street.

I hope you were able to come out to enjoy this past weekend’s amazing production of Into The Woods. Over 65 students were involved in the cast, crew, and pit orchestra. We are so appreciative of the time and effort the students and staff put into creating this great night of entertainment.

Congratulations to our 2020 Scholastic Writing Contest winners. Trinity Smith received an honorable mention for her flash fiction piece “A Liminal Space”. Senior Max Spear received an honorable mention for his narrative “The Frigid Forest” and a Gold Key for his poem “The War”. Allen Adkins poem collection “Serpentine” received a Silver Key Award and his poem “Pain” was awarded The Gold Key Award. Allen and Max will compete at the national level for their poetry.

Listed below are upcoming events for the month of March.

March 3: All–City Band Extravaganza in the TRHS Gym @
7:00 p.m.
March 7: RRASB Night at the Races at Rose’s Run – Doors Open @ 6:00 PM
March 11: Kent Schools Choral Festival at 7:00 p.m.
March 12: TRHS Spring Choir Concert at 7:00 p.m.
March 20: End of the Third Grading Period
March 13: Late Registration deadline for Advanced Placement
March 19-21: Senior Class Trip to New York City
March 23: First day of Spring Break
April 3: Report cards distributed
April 18: Kent Area Chamber of Commerce & TRHS DECA
Community Expo

Thank you for your continued support and dedication.


Dennis Love


Happy Friday!
I wanted to share the attached flyer that highlights a new program in the community called Parent Cafes. Parent Cafes are regular, theme-based meetings designed to create opportunities for parents to connect, share and learn from each other. While offering light refreshments and child care if needed, the goal of the café meetings is to empower and strengthen families (and kinship providers) by seeking solutions to their needs. Meetings are an exciting experience that will leave the group members wanting to return to a place where they feel connected with others who share a similar journey. Please share the attached information below with parents in your district who could benefit from this type of support. An RSVP is necessary so please make sure parents call to reserve their spot (information about how to RSVP is on the flyer)—the first meeting is scheduled for March 7th.

Parent Cafe flyer

Thank you,

Mandy Berardinelli | OhioMeansJobs Portage County Workforce Administrator
Portage County | Job and Family Services
Phone: (330) 298-4528 | Fax: (330) 297-5148

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ACT for all 11th Graders
February 21, 2020 Jay D’Aurelio
Mandatory ACT test for 11th graders
State law requires districts and community schools to administer the state-funded ACT or SAT to all grade 11 students in the spring of the school year. Each year, districts and schools will select the test to administer to their juniors.
As part of their state testing programs, ACT has provided the test dates for the 2020 administration of the state-funded tests. Our test date is:

February 25, 2020

Click on the link below for practice testing:

Information for Examinees:

In the mail you have received information on your students testing site. Information and a detailed list of sites is also posted outside the counseling department. Please contact Jay D’Aurelio with any questions you may have at 330-676-8728.

Branching Out – December 2019

December 2, 2019

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

I would like to wish you a joyous holiday season as we work together as a community for the success of our students.  There are so many exciting events at Roosevelt this month, but we are also mindful that the season can be a stressful and challenging time for many.  We will do our best to make certain that Roosevelt continues to be a warm, caring, and consistent environment for all of our students.  

We have been working on professional goals during early-release time.  The Rider Connection Class has been working on a service learning model for the class. The students and teachers thought it would benefit our district  if Roosevelt students would serve as mentors for elementary students. Currently 47 Roosevelt students are paired with 47 elementary students. They are known as “Big Brothers” and “Big Sisters”  Under the guidance of the elementary teachers, Roosevelt students are assisting students with reading, math, writing, and other academic needs. They are also spending time with them at recess and enjoying a variety of activities like building Legos, or simply conversing with them.  

The Rotary Interact Club has been preparing to host the 2019 Chili Challenge.  The Chili Challenge is on Tuesday, December 3, from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Proceeds benefit The Miller Community House.  The Interact Club’s officers include: President Katie Kulis, Vice Presidents Lizzie Lohman and Tanner McKown, Treasurer Kent Gordon, and Secretary Alex May.  We appreciate all of their hard work and dedication to the school.  

We are also pleased with the success of the 34th Annual TRHS Leadership Retreat and wish to commend the 2019 Planning Committee:  Chloe Alexander, Jordan Carlton, Jenny Coffee, Anaya Croston, Kyle Doershuk, Jess Giaimo, Aly Giunto, Kent Gordon, Courtney Kenworthy, Katie Kulis, and Jenna Senderling.  The retreat held at Camp Wanake in Beach City, Ohio, focused on leadership skills and qualities that are related to the theme, The Anatomy of a Leader:  Nurturing Mind, Body, and Soul!  There were 109 Roosevelt student delegates who attended, representing 39 clubs and athletic teams.   Delegates had the opportunity to learn more about their leadership skills, participate in hands-on workshops and hear from keynote speakers Kyle Willkom, Kate Swango, and Ron Spears.  Just before Thanksgiving, the delegates also participated in the annual canned food drive, a community service project to benefit Kent Social Services.  This year, the students in the district collected a record 14,772 canned goods for distribution to families in the community. 

TRHS Choral Works and Chorale will present their 7th Annual Madrigal Dinner at Stanton Middle School on Friday, December 13, and Saturday, December 14, at 7:00 p.m.  Seventy very talented students take part in this incredible event. If you have not ever attended a Madrigal Dinner, put it on your must-do list, you will not be disappointed. We are also fortunate to have so many other extremely talented students performing in our band, orchestra, and choir concerts in the month of December.    

Preparation for semester exams should be in progress as exams are less than three weeks away.  Exam grades reflect student effort and knowledge of course content up to this point in the school year.  The first quarter grade is worth 40% of the semester grade. The second quarter grade is worth 40% of the semester grade.  Exam scores are significant because they comprise 20% of the first semester grade.

IMPORTANT DATES:  Listed below are some important dates:

December 3: Interact’s Chili Challenge Benefit Event — 5:30 p.m.

December 5: TRHS Junior Class 2019 Silent Auction Fundraiser: Boogie Wonderland —  6:30 p.m.  Bids begin closing at 8:30 p.m.  Live entertainment provided by The Kent Clarks from KSU.

December 8: TRHS Holiday Choir Concert — 3:00 p.m. 

December 10:  TRHS/Stanton Orchestra Concert — 7:00 p.m. at TRHS

December 12: TRHS Band Concert — 7:00 p.m. 

December 18-19-20: Semester ExamsExam Schedules are available on the Roosevelt website under bell schedules (click on    “Students”, then “Bell Schedules”)

December 23:  Winter Break Begins – No School

January 6:           Classes Resume

January 10:        End of First Semester 

Warmest wishes for a very happy and safe holiday season.

Dennis Love

Branching Out – November 2019

Multi Cultural Week



November 1, 2019

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

The week of October 21 was our first Multicultural Week at Roosevelt.  This important event was made possible due to the hardwork and dedication of our Multicultural Club.   One of the highlights of the week was The Cultural Fair. All third graders in the district visited Roosevelt throughout the day and were able to “tour” 20 different countries.  Students at Roosevelt represented at least 19 countries. Roosevelt students with the assistance of Kent State University Early Childhood Education students worked the stations and presented different aspects and fun activities of the countries they represented.  The level of interaction between the high school students and the third graders was very impressive. This was a great event and I am excited to see how it will grow in the future. 

The culminating event of Multicultural week was a Naturalization ceremony .  A special thanks to Government Teacher, Ann Puhalla, for planning this inspiring educational ceremony.  US History and Government students witnessed 39 immigrants get sworn in as United States Citizens. Junior Isabella Kunsch opened the event with a great speech for this moving and wonderful ceremony.  The brass choir played The Star Spangled Banner and America The Beautiful. The enthusiasm and energy in Roosevelt’s auditorium could be felt by all. 

We proudly inducted 96 new students into the National Honor Society.  Students accepted into this prestigious group must learn at high levels, exhibit leadership characteristics, serve others and be of strong character.  

A critical part of being successful at the high school level is often the ability for students to develop positive working relationships with their teachers.  Parent/Teacher Conferences will be

  • Monday, November 4, 2019 — 5:00-8:00 pm, and 
  • Tuesday, November 26, 2019 — 8:00 am-3:00 pm

To schedule your conferences, please e-mail Mrs. Harris at with the name of your student, the teacher with whom you would like to meet, and the time that works best for you.  If you are unable to e-mail Mrs. Harris, please call her at 330-676-8700.

Upcoming Events:

  • November 4: Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • November 26 Parent/Teacher Conferences 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • November 21-23: TRHS Fall Play 
  • November 29: Silent Auction Prom Fundraiser 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

I hope you are making time to enjoy the wonderful traditions of the coming season.  Ideally, we will all be able to find many things in our life to be thankful for. I would like to express my personal thanks to everyone in our Roosevelt family.   Your dedication, hard work, and creative spirit energizes me and enables our students, our school and our community to grow and prosper.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Dennis Love