August 14, 2020,

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Theodore Roosevelt High School,

First and foremost, my hope is that  everyone is healthy and able to enjoy their summer.  Unfortunately, this summer Roosevelt lost another dedicated, passionate, and kind member of our staff.  On July 27, Mrs. Bonnie Dunaway unexpectedly passed away.  Mrs. Dunaway had a beautiful personality and voice, but her special gift that we most valued was her unique ability to reach out and motivate our students by loving them and holding them accountable.  She made us all better people and it was a gift to work alongside her.  

We know that many of us are unsure of how the school year will unfold.  During these tough, uncertain times it is important for all of us to work together to create the best possible environment for our students.  We know that there are many opinions on what that environment will look like.  Roosevelt’s two main priorities are safety and learning.  

With school officially starting for students on September 1, our goal is to have the following information to our students by Monday, August 24.  

  •  Schedules
  • The blended learning plan 
  • The remote learning plan
  • The safety protocols we will meet when our students are in the building.  The safety protocols will include every aspect of what will happen in the school from the time students arrive until they leave.

Whether it is in-person or remote learning, we look forward to connecting with our students.  Kent is a wonderful, supportive community that values  education.  Our positive relationships with one another will help us persevere through this challenging time.  There is no doubt that the class of 2021 will be resilient and equipped to take on the issues that this pandemic has exposed in our country.  

Let’s do the best we can to make this another great year at Theodore Roosevelt High School.  It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of a community that cares so deeply for its young people.  Thank you for your support and dedication.


Dennis Love