E3 Signing Day – REVISED BELL SCHEDULE 5-2-19

On Thursday, May 2, we will be hosting the E3 Signing Day all-school assembly in the gym for Theodore Roosevelt HS’s Seniors.  Please review the E3 Signing Day REVISED BELL SCHEDULE.


SCHOOL SPIRIT:  We want to see everyone in school colors and class sections lavishly decorated in support of E3 Signing Day (#RHSE3) and the Class of 2019. Students will want to support this event because they will want support when it’s their senior year.  Each class will be judged on its school spirit displays (clothing and decorations). The class with the most spirit will win the E3 Class Spirit Award.

SHARE:  We are ENCOURAGING students to use social media and #RHSE3. We also want students to follow the E3 Signing Day account on Instagram (found by searching: rhse3 or kentrhse3).