Student Options for Wednesday Early Release Days – Second Semester 2018

STARTING WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10th, 2018  —  RHS will begin its Early Release PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Revised Bell Schedule, and will continue each Wednesday through Second Semester.  This time also involves making options available for students who may need extra help or will still be in the building.  Below are these after-school options:

– TESTING CENTER (Room 517): Teachers may assign students to use this time to make up a quiz, test or assessment instead of missing class time (please note that “read aloud” accommodations will not be available).
– GUIDED STUDY (Media Center): Teachers may assign students who are failing or underachieving to work with tutors to complete missing or incomplete work in a class.
– DETENTION (Opportunity Room): Administrators will assign this to students who have excessive tardies or absences.
– OPEN STUDY (Cafeteria): Any other student who remains in the building during early release will have to report here under adult supervision until dismissal at 2:29 p.m.
– Future options may include guest speakers, martial arts instruction, and grade level meetings.  These options will be publicized when and if they become available.

Each week, teachers can assign students to the Testing Center or Guided Study through Monday 4:00 p.m. two days before the Wednesday the student will be required to stay after school.  Teachers should be informing the student that they are assigning them to an early release option, because if a student does not attend an Early Release assignment, he or she will receive consequences (similar to cutting a class).  They are expected to stay until 2:29 if assigned to a location.  Students will also be informed of early release assignments through their school Gmail account and via a paper slip delivered directly to them.