10th Grade Parent and Student Career Technical Program Open House/Conversation with Parents and Students

Please plan to attend the Roosevelt Career Technical Programs Open House-Conversation with Interested Parents and Students  on Thursday, February 14 6:30-8:00 pm at Roosevelt High School.  

February 14, 2013 Schedule:

6:30 pm. Visit Roosevelt Career Technical Programs

-Athletic Health Care & Fitness Rm 137

-Business Management Rm 522

-Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Rm 142

-Construction Technologies Rm 527

-Cosmetology Rm 509

-Electronic Technologies Rm  502

-Engineering Academy Rm 501

-Forestry & Landscape Management Rm 528

-Health Careers Technologies Rm 514

-Marketing Rm 506

-Teaching Professions Rm 508

-Wood Products Technology & Cabinetry Rm 136