Creek Day 2010

Roosevelt High School students taking measurements at Breakneck Creek in Kent, Ohio.

On Wednesday, September 29th, 2010, over three-hundred students from our Advanced Chemistry, Environmental Science, and CP Physical Science classes got out of the classroom and went down to Breakneck Creek in Kent to perform a variety of scientific measurements.  Physical Science students used tape measures and meter sticks to plot out the cross-sectional contour of the creek at five sites, while Environmental Science and Advanced Chemistry students worked together to take a variety of water quality measurements to determine the creek’s Water Quality Index (WQI).  Our students used everything from high-tech Vernier LabQuests and electronic sensors to water testing kits to low-tech oranges and nets to collect data!  The students then brought the data back to their classes to map out the creek’s cross-section, aggregate their water quality data, and determine the flow rate of the creek.  As the year goes on, we hope to collect all of this data into a stream study about Breakneck Creek that we can pass on to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.



Water Quality Index:

Period Q-Value
2nd 76.30
3nd 75.28
4th 72.77
5th 77.81
6th 81.60
7th 74.21
Avg. 76.33

This indicates that the water quality for Breakneck Creek was “Good” (70-89) when we measured it.  A score of 90 or higher would be “Excellent”, while a score of 50-69 would be “Average”.

More detailed data coming soon!


More information, including videos, to come soon!