Creek Day 2010

Roosevelt High School students taking measurements at Breakneck Creek in Kent, Ohio.

On Wednesday, September 29th, 2010, hundreds of students from our Advanced Chemistry, Environmental Science, and CP Physical Science classes got out of the classroom and went down to Breakneck Creek in Kent to perform a variety of scientific measurements. Physical Science students used tape measures and meter sticks to plot out the cross-sectional contour of the creek at five sites, while Environmental Science and Advanced Chemistry students worked together to take a variety of water quality measurements to determine the creek’s Water Quality Index (WQI). Our students used everything from high-tech Vernier LabQuests and electronic sensors to water testing kits to low-tech oranges and nets to collect data! The students then brought the data back to their classes to map out the creek’s cross-section, aggregate their water quality data, and determine the flow rate of the creek. As the year goes on, we hope to collect all of this data into a stream study about Breakneck Creek that we can pass on to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

More information, data and pictures are available on our Creek Day page!