Unit 9: Forces

Topic Homework Resources
Introduction to Forces

Ball Bearing challenge

Interaction diagrams

Stacks of interactions



HW: Stacks of Interactions



Tutorial: What are forces?

Tutorial: Normal force

Tutorial: Net force

Tutorial: Free body diagrams

Forces and motion

Net force and motion graphs

Fan carts Part 1

Hover disks

Fan carts Part 2

Force Stories

HW: Net force and motion graphs


HW: Net forces

HW: Relating Net Force to p/t and V/t


pHet: Forces and Motion Basics

Forces and Fan Carts-GIZMO

Fan Cart Physics-GIZMO



Mass vs Weight   Tutorial: Mass vs Weight
Force, Mass and Acceleration

GIZMO: Fan Cart Physics

Newton’s Second Law

Calculating Friction using Newton’s second Law


HW: Net forces

HW: Newton’s Second Law

Tutorial: Newton’s Second Law

Interactions whiteboard review

Falling objects

What makes objects fall

Terminal velocity

Calculating air resistance

  Tutorial: Air resistance and free fall

Video: Misconceptions about falling objects

Video: Crash course-Falling Objects

Video:Bowling Ball vs Feather in vacuum

Video: Myth Busters-Penny Drop