Welcome to CP Physical Science

August 13

Welcome to Physical Science. We are excited about the upcoming year. Below is some information that you may find helpful.

Teacher Office Email
Ms. Larsen Room 210
Mrs. McClure Biology office- 220 a
Mrs. Watt Biology office- 220 a

Course Description:

In Physical Science, our goal is to provide an opportunity for you to think scientifically. We expect you to learn more than vocabulary and scientific facts. You will be exposed to experiments and investigations that force you to collect, organize, and ultimately interpret scientific data. These experiences are a large part of the course and will be covered on the tests. So, everyday you need to be ready to participate whether we are doing labs, practice problems, notes, or hands on activities. Everything that we do is part of your learning. The content areas that we will cover in the course include chemistry and physics.
The year will look something like this:
1st Semester: Chemistry – The study of matter and how it changes
2nd Semester: Physics – The study of forces and energy interacting with matter


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