2019 Scholarships/Local

The following local scholarships are available to the Class of 2019.  These are the scholarships that will be awarded at the Scholar & Achievement Awards Program on May 7, 2019.  Please check the chart periodically as new scholarships are added as they are received.  Please note the deadline date.  Follow the scholarship directions.  Some scholarships are to be submitted directly to the sponsor and not to Guidance.  


“Henry & Francis Christenson”$3,000Academic ability and financial need

“Believe” $1,000 Enable a student who has overcome adversity to follow their dreams
“The Keith and Betty Bowers Scholarship” $2,000 3.0 GPA, participation in school or community activities, financial need
“Brady Lake Women’s Club Scholarship” $1,000 Reside in Brady Lake area; pursuing higher ed
“ComDoc IUC-PG Scholarship” $2,500 (fall semester) KSU Kent Campus, personal statement, consideration may be given to financial need
“Davey PTO Scholarship” $500 Davey Alum
“Robert Fankhauser Scholarship” $1,500 3.0 GPA, pursuing study in the field of criminal justice or law
“Fergason Family STEM Scholarship” $2,000 Pursuing career in STEM field, academic achievement, school/community activities, essay recommendations
“Garden Club of Kent Scholarship” $1,000 Horticulture or environmental science interest
“Garrett Family Scholarship” $1,000 KSU education major, commuter, financial need
“Beth Hodgeman (Gonos) Memorial Scholarship” $1,000 KSU student with strong dedicated volunteer work
“Holden Elementary Scholarship” $500 Holden Alum
“KCS Foundation Hall of Fame Scholarship” $500 Outstanding leadership qualities
“Kent Junior Mothers Lisa Hawthorne” $500 Must have worked Safety School for one summer
“Longcoy School Association Scholarship” $500 Longcoy alum; exemplary character traits; 3.0 GPA
“Ludie Brown Scholarship Fund” $1,000 3.0 GPA, raised by a great-aunt or grandparent
“KACC Dan Smith Memorial” Varies Active in any phase or course of a business program & business career
“KEA Future Teacher Scholarship” $2000 To encourage highly qualified students within the Kent City Schools to become teachers and to provide financial assistance through the awarding of a scholarship. A non-renewable, one-time scholarship will be awarded to a graduating Roosevelt Senior.
“Kent Firefighters Association Donald Beckett Memorial Scholarship” $1,000 Career in fire service or medical field
“Kent Historical Society Roger Di Paolo Scholarship” $500 Pursuing history-related studies; recommendation letters; essay
“Kent Lions Club John Ferlito Memorial Scholarship” $500 2.5 GPA, service in the community and volunteering
“Kent Police & Citizen Association” $500 Community service, positive role model, community service career
“KSU James & Nancy Arthur Scholarship “ $varies Financial need; attend KSU Kent campus
“KSU Portage County Branch of the NAACP “ $Full tuition 3.35 GPA; African American, Hispanic or Native American; attending KSU;  Financial need
“KSU Albert Peoples Scholarship “ $Full tuition 2.8 GPA; African American, Hispanic or Native American; attending KSU;  Financial need
“League of Women Voters” $200 Academic achievement; essay
“Paula Hankins Memorial Scholarship” $300-$500 Active in any phase of drama, One  year participation in drama prior to Senior year, accepted to a post secondary institution
“Portage Community Bank” $1,000 3.0 GPA; well rounded student involved in school activities, community service and athletics
“Portage County Ins. Assoc. David Green Scholarship” $varies 2.5 GPA; Enrolling at KSU Kent campus; financial need
“Portage County Retired Teachers” $1,500 County wide scholarship for aspiring teachers
“Ravenna Chapter 46 Order of the Eastern Star” $500 2.5 GPA, financial need
“Anna Wang Roe Women in Science Scholarship” $up to 2,000 female; enroll in a STEM discipline; financial need; essay
“Rough Rider All Sport Booster Scholarship” 4 @ $500 2.5 GPA, financial need
Shelly Company $500 3.0 GPA, Essay
“Greg Starc Memorial” $1,500 School/community svc; leadership, character; consideration to tech
“TRHS Alumni CTE” $500 CTE completer, essay, extracurricular volunteer services and activities
“TRHS Alumni” $500 Essay, extracurricular volunteer services and activities
“TRHS Counseling Department” $500 Awarded to a student pursuing a degree in a helping profession
“UH Auxiliary PMC Scholarship” $1,000 Portage County resident, 2.5 GPA, nursing field
“Women’s Social Club of Kent Scholarship” $500 3.0 GPA; Support and/or contributions to the African-American local community
“Robert L. Wright Scholarship” $500 Overcome adversity; academic achievement; extracurriculars; financial need; essay