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National Merit Scholars

The National Merit Scholarship Program is an annual academic competition for recognition and potential college undergraduate scholarships.  The goal of this program is to identify and honor exceptionally able students and encourage them to pursue rigorous college studies.  The competition is open to all U. S. high school students.

This year Theodore Roosevelt High School is home to the following recognized students:

Rhiannon Bryk is a Semi-Finalist.  Her parents are Katherine and Jeffrey Bryk. She will move on in the competition and apply to become a Finalist. 

Yu-Ning Shiu is a Commended Student. Her mother’s name is Shu Hui Lin.

Grant Jones is a Commended Student.  His parents are Marc and Tiffany Jones. 

From left to right: Grant Jones, Yu-Ning Shiu, Rhiannon Bryk

Summer Reading

Summer Reading Titles

Dear Students and Parents:
What’s the last great book that you read? Isn’t it nice to be able to read at your leisure
over the summer months? To encourage reading and to prepare you for the coming school year,
the English department is continuing the summer reading program for all students registered for
advanced-level classes, grades 9-12, and some academies or specialized programs. Please read
through the following list to identify the requirements for each course. It is the responsibility of
each student to complete the reading by the start of the school year. Students may buy or borrow
the book(s); this is your choice. Please have the book with you when you come to school at the
beginning of the school year.
In addition to reading, it is expected that each student will ponder what he or she reads.
To this end, each student should either write notes in his or her own handwriting (in the form of a
dialectical journal or annotations) unless otherwise noted. Please see the attached instructions
and examples. Of course, students may go beyond these requirements in their note taking.
Students should bring their work with them to school on the first day of the school year, as their
independent reading will be assessed within the first days or week of the school year.
Assessments of required readings will be worth approximately 10% of the first nine-weeks grade
(except for AP, which will be more than 10%).
Finally, remember, you’re not limited to what you see here. Read beyond these lists!
Worlds of great ideas, interesting characters, and memorable turns of phrase await you.

Wishing you insightful and enjoyable reading,
The English Teachers at RHS

KSU exciting Scholarship opportunity

Choose Ohio First Scholarships are funded by the state, provide up to $7000 per year for students in select majors. For students in three select majors, namely: Biotechnology, Medical Technology, and Environmental Conservation Biology. However, there are several other COFS programs at Kent State University that  you  may be interested in. We are now recruiting students for our new incoming class of Fall of 2019. Here is a link to the scholarship page: and my specific program is called Career Pathways in STEM-Life Sciences: Advancing the human condition with technology.

Summer School Information

Hey Rough Riders and Parents, 

Here is the information packet on Summer School.   New this year you can also register online.  

Summer School provides opportunities for students to repeat or review unsatisfactory work.  You will find a description of the 2019 Summer School Program.  All courses require payment of a tuition fee, and all work satisfactorily completed and certified receives official school credit.  Students from Kent and neighboring communities may register.