Marijuana Psychosis letter information

Attention Parent/Guardians, Faculty and Staff:

The following information has been compiled to help educate and empower parents, guardians, faculty and staff to initiate, engage, and educate youth about the dangers of vaping, vaping marijuana, and ingesting edibles.  Drug use by youth is nothing new, but there are some new ways that youth are using and experimenting with familiar substances.  Some youth and young adults in our communities and throughout the country are engaging in these trends not knowing the true dangers and risks associated with doing so.  They are faced with being exposed to substances and practices that can have negative and harmful effects now and in the future.  We as adults, may be able to help them to be safer and wiser in their decision making by becoming more knowledgeable ourselves.  

Recently, there have been reported incidents in Northeast Ohio of students experiencing incidents of what is known as “marijuana induced psychosis”. This condition can be scary, traumatizing and dangerous. To learn about this and more, take some time to visit and explore the sites listed below which provide information and some short quizzes to check your current knowledge.  The sites listed provide information, facts, and statistics to keep you knowledgeable and aware regarding some popular adolescent current trends.  

We need our youth, and our youth need us.  Take time to LEARN,  to TALK, and to HELP.

Just Think Twice

Can Marijuana Trigger Psychosis?

How Much Do You Know About Edibles?  

Quiz: Vaping & Marijuana  

 Drug Alert: Marijuana Edibles

  How to Avoid Drug-laced Food

What Are the Signs of Having a Problem With Drugs?

Virtual Tools for Staying Healthy

Support and Resources | Theodore Roosevelt High School

Google doc of this letter 

ACT for Juniors Tuesday February 23rd 2021

On Tuesday February 23rd, all Juniors in the state of Ohio will be taking the state funded and mandated ACT.  Junior families can be expecting a letter in the mail  and an email explaining the process.  If you have any questions please email:  Jay D’Aurelio at

Here is a link to some on line information and practice for the ACT.  You may contact your counselor if you have more questions .

Were you unable to attend the College Credit Plus Meeting?

Were you unable to attend the College Credit Plus meeting?  Here is a link that will connect you to the information that was shared that evening.  Please contact the counseling office at 330-676-8720 with any questions you may have.



This Wednesday evening, January 27th at 6:30 pm. There will be a virtual meeting for all students who are considering college credit Plus educational options for the upcoming school year.  The link will be emailed to you and your student this evening and also can be found on our website.  An student who may be interested in attending any college or university during their high school years, must attend with their parents.

Please click below to join the zoom CCP meeting.

CCP meeting 

***This meeting link opens at 6:30 pm for the meeting to start at 7 pm***

Virtual 8th Grade Open House

Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent is hosting an 8th grade virtual open house, it is scheduled for Thursday February 4th, beginning at 7pm.   A website has been set up for reviewing courses, activities and more.  In each department description, students and their parents and guardians can find a link to meet with department heads to interactively ask questions from 7 to 8pm.

There are welcome videos from your school counselor, vice Principal and Principal.  When looking they will find overview videos of our faculty from various departments and have your questions answered through google meet.

On this site they can also learn about the vast array of co-curricular activities and athletic programs available to our high school students.  To access the website you will receive an email with the link. Or you can find a link on Theodore Roosevelt website via the counseling page.  If you have questions please contact Ms. Jen Sepi, your high school counselor at 330-676-8720.

Virtual 8th Grade Open house 

Career Tech Education Conversation with 10th grade parents

Please attend the annual Kent Theodore Roosevelt high school Career Technical “Conversation with 10th grade Parents and Students” to learn about joining Career Technical Education programs at Kent TRHS. Below is the list of Kent THRS programs, virtual meeting times, and Google Meet links.

Program with link to website Date Time Virtual Meeting Link
Athletic Health Care & Fitness 2/4/21 6:00 PM
Business and Sports Management 2/4/21 7:00 PM
Computer-Aided Design and Engineering Technologies 2/4/21 6:00-7:30PM
Construction Technologies 2/4/21 6:30 PM
Cosmetology 2/4/21 7:00 PM
Electronics, Robotics, and Programming 2/4/21 5:00 pm AND 7:00pm
Engineering Academy 2/4/21 6:00-7:30pm
Forestry and Landscape Management 2/4/21 6:30 PM
Health Careers Technologies 2/4/21 6:00-6:30pm
Marketing Management 2/4/21 6:00-7:30pm
Teaching Professions 2/4/21 6:00-7:30pm

Once students have checked out programs at TRHS or Six District Educational Compact programs, the next step is to fill out an application! Make sure you identify your preferences in rank order and apply by February 24, 2021.

Senior Important news for graduation

Seniors and Parents/Guardians: 2nd semester will be filled with important news for seniors, including graduation information. Because of our hybrid model, we will be relying heavily on the class of 2021 Google Classroom. Please make sure your student has joined the Classroom and has “Notifications” turned ON.

In the next few weeks, your student should be scheduling a graduation meeting with Mrs. Skvarch. A link to set up the meeting is posted in the Google Classroom. This meeting is to make sure all graduation tasks are complete, such as credit checks and post-secondary plans.  Students can access Mrs. Skvarch’s calendar to schedule an appointment by clicking on the link below:

If you or your student have additional questions, please call or email Ms. Skvarch: (330-676-8720) or


Do you want to be a positive change in Kent? You can through Youth-Led Prevention

High school students at Kent Roosevelt now have the opportunity to participate in the Youth-Led Prevention (YLP) program facilitated by Townhall ll. Youth-led programs provide a platform to effectively engage youth voice and youth action, equipping young people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to impact their community. YLP programs engage young people in the community differently from volunteer work. Through the investigation of local data and community resources, young people gain a greater knowledge and understanding of community problems and the factors that contribute to these issues.

Both youth and the community benefit from the Youth-led programs. Individuals who participate in YLP develop strong leadership and civic skills. In addition, young people increase their confidence in their ability to influence change within their society, both as individuals and as members of a group. Communities also benefit from YLP. When young people are an integral part of the solution, they are more effective in creating change. Through a process of collaboration between youth and adult allies, community members begin to see youth as community assets. Neighborhoods that embrace Youth-Led Programs have young citizens who become more resilient and responsible adults.

If your child is interested in participating Youth-Led prevention, they can join us for a Welcome meeting on Monday, January 25th at 11 AM via Google Meets.

Please contact Tiffany Rittenour, Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist at Townhall ll by email: with any questions regarding the Youth-Led Prevention program.

ACT Preparation Course

Premium, Cost –Effective ACT Preparation

Location: Roosevelt Auditorium
Mondays:                                                                                                                            January 25, 2021——– February 1, 2021———February 8, 2021  (3 days, 2 hours each day)

3 options:   

  •   8:00 am to 10 am each day                                                                                            10:30 am to 12:30 pm each day                                                                                  1:00 pm to 3:00 pm each day
Register on line.  Use this link for online registration – NLP Registration
Cost: $59.00 (using a credit card for payment while registering)
Information and sign up flyer

KSU Food Bank Distribution

Kent State University is partnering with Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank to offer a large-scale food distribution next Wednesday, December 16th at Dix Stadium.  The event will take place from 1-3 p.m. and will be a drive-through style distribution.  Anyone is welcome to receive groceries regardless of the county they reside in. This opportunity is made possible through a grant from Feeding America and we plan on hosting a monthly distribution through June.

We are also in need of volunteers for next Wednesday. If you are interested in assisting, please register at the link below:

Next Level ACT Preparation

Premium, Cost –Effective ACT Preparation

Location: Roosevelt Auditorium
Mondays:                                                                                                                            January 25, 2021——– February 1, 2021———February 8, 2021  (3 days, 2 hours each day)

3 options:   

  •   8:00 am to 10 am each day                                                                                            10:30 am to 12:30 pm each day                                                                                  1:00 pm to 3:00 pm each day
Register on line.  Use this link for online registration – NLP Registration
Cost: $59.00 (using a credit card for payment while registering)
Information and sign up flyer