Registration – What to bring?

What to bring to Registration

Please bring the required documents so we may make a copy for your student’s school folder:

      • Parent/guardian(s) government issued picture identification
      • Proof of Residency – Must provide TWO of the following documents only with parent/guardian(s) name(s)
        • Driver License or State Identification Card (will only be used if the address matches one of the documents listed below)
        • Agreement or Rental Agreement
        • Current utility bill – gas, electric, water only
        • Work record (pay stub)
        • Public assistance (e.g., check stubs, form, etc.)
        • Voter’s registration card
      •  An authentic health department copy of the child’s Birth Certificate – (hospital birth record not accepted) or Passport
      • Child’s Immunization Records 
      • The student’s most recent transcript or report card
      • Custody or Guardianship papers, if applicable. If the student is not living with both natural parents, court documentation is required. It must be time-stamped or sealed by the Court.
      • Copy of I.E.P. or 504 Plan, if applicable

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