Print Shop

The Kent City Schools Print Shop is an in-house department that has provided printing services for the Kent City School District for over twenty years.

You can use the online Print Shop Request Form or send your hard copy requests through the Pony.

Quick note about Print Request Tickets:

  • PLEASE remove all staples, and use paper clips.
  • You are always welcome to provide your own colored paper or cardstock, should we not have a color or style you need. Any remaining paper you provided will be returned to you along with your completed job.
  • Lamination requests need to be approved at DePeyster, and only items that will be used either permanently or used repeatedly throughout the school year should be considered for lamination.
  • Please allow a time period of one week for pads – I do usually get them finished by at least two days, but this allows for any delays that may occur.
  • This one is just FYI – if you have several jobs that require the same of everything it is okay to use just one ticket as long as you separate the jobs with either paper clips or binder clips. For example: you have 15 different jobs that need the same number of copies, are all either double or single sided, and you wish to have a staple in the top left for each one, you can put that on a single ticket and clip that to the jobs. Whichever is easier for you! This will save you having to write out a bunch of tickets. 🙂

List of Services

  • Printing black and white copies, high and low volume
  • Regular stapling as well as double and saddle stapling (magazine style) are available
  • Folding sheets —tri-fold, bi-fold, etc.
  • Hand folding multiple sheets
  • Notepads—simple, specialized, or scrap paper
  • Message pads
  • Memo pads
  • Building and Departmental Letterheads
  • Planning Guides
  • To Do lists
  • Hall passes
  • Activity tickets
  • Calendars
  • Laminating

321 N. DePeyster St.
     Kent, OH 44240
     Hours 8 A.M. -12 P.M.