Eighth Grade LIterature

Welcome back to the Trailblazers Team!

I am so happy to working with you again this year. I am looking forward to another great year with many opportunities to enjoy literature. The first unit we will be involved in is the Mystery Unit.  In this unit we will learn to become good reading detectives by learning to read clues, make inferences, problem solve and to think outside the box.  All of these skills will help to make your child a better reader and student.  The mystery unit is an interdisciplinary unit and we will have a culminating activity where each student will become a detective and will try to solve  a crime created by their teachers.


I am excited to be working with you and your children this year and next. We will be working on many exciting and intersting projects.

We will begin the year with our “Storyteller’s Unit in which we will read myths, fables,folk tales, and fairy tales. We will do this unit in conjunction with our “Cultural Odyssey” Unit. We will compare and contrast the different types of literature in this unit.

We will also study memoirs and create our own Memory Book. More information will be given at a later date.

Welcome to Mrs. Henry’s Seventh Grade Literature Class

November 19, 2010

We are in the middle of our Memory Book project.  The students have been busy drafting, editing and revising all their special pieces for their books.  We have read many memoirs together and I have shared several memoirs and character sketches with the students.  We will continue with the workshops to allow the students time to work on thier project and to receive help where needed.  The Memory Books are due on December 10th.  They may turn them in for extra credit on December 9th.  The books will be evaluated and returned to the students before Winter Break.  Books turned in after December 10th may not be returned before the break. The students are doing a wonderful job with thier books.  I know you will enjoy the final project as much as I enjoy reading thier books.

Our Town and Choice Novels

We have read the first two acts of Our Town and we will finish act III this week. Tryouts for the play will be next week,  We will perform the play March 12th from 8:15-10:00AM.  We hope all our parents and family members will be able to join us for the performance.  All Trailbazer students will be involeved with the play.  If a student does not have a speaking part they will be involved with props, sound, etc. 

Along with the play,  the students will be reading a choice novel and completing a number of activities with these novels.  These activities will involve many literary skills as well as reading strategies.  These skills and strategies will help the studnts become stronger readers.  Please encourage your student to read, read, read!


New Year 2010

Welcome back to literature class.  I hope everyone had a great break. Our students completed their Children’s Books and gave them to their Book Buddy on Friday before break.  The Second graders were delighted with their books and to spend some time with our eighth graders.  Our students did a wonderful job with their books.  I was very excited to watch them develop and I was very proud of the awesome job our students did. 

Now that we have fnished our Children’s Books it is time to move on to a new project.  In the middle of January we will begin reading and discussing Our Town .  We will be performing it in March.  (The date soon to follow.)  Hopefully our students have found a copy of the book.  I do have some books, so if you are having a difficult tme finding a copy please have your student let me know.  Students need to have their books by January 18th.

Children’s Books

November 3, 2009

As we begin to wind down our mystery unit , we look forward to beginning our Children’s Books workshop.  We completed our Murder Mystery last Friday.  Our students became detectives for the day as they began to investigate the the crime scene.  The students needed to use critical thinking and  problem solving skills to solve the mystery.

This Friday we will travel to Longcoy to meet our Book Buddies.  The students have been assigned a second grade book buddy for whom they will be writing their children’s book.  They  need to bring their favorite children’s book to class by Thursday and they will be taking these books to read to their Book Buddy.  This is a project that is so rewarding and it is important that our students keep on top of this assignment as there are very specific deadlines.  Please encourage your child to stay  on task as we begin this project.

Your child should have brought home a permission slip for the field trip.  Please make sure they return it ASAP.

Mystery !!!!!

 October 13, 2009


The past several weeks the literature classes have been involved with the mystery book, And Then There Were None.   The students should be reading the chapters carefully and not just skimming them.  In order to understand this book students need to stop every few paragraphs and ask themselves questions about what they are reading.  They might also use post-it notes to write questions about something they don’t undertand.    I will be happy to have a conversation with any student who is reading and is confused about anything in the book.

 Students also have a vocabulary list of mystery words and they should be reviewing these on a regular basis.


The literature classes have been busy these last few weeks working on a variety of skills.  We work on Daily Reading skills every day.  The students have Help Notes in their binders that you can view at any time.  We will soon be starting a Mystery unit. Look for up-coming information .

Starting Monday, 9/14/09 the students are required to bring a chosen book to class with them to read for pleasure.   Please help your child choose appropriate reading material.

Mrs. Henry’s Eighth Grade Literature CLass

Welcome back Trailblazers!  I am looking forward to another wonderful year with all of our Trailblazers.  I have many wonderful activities planned for us this year.  We will be reading some mysteries, creating a children’s book, reading biographies as well as many other activities.  I want this to be a fun, exciting and stimulating year.

Grade 8 Trailblazers Looping Team