Character Education


cepBuilding Character Together …
Home, School, and Community

On behalf of the Character Education Committee for Kent City Schools, welcome to our website. We hope that parents, students, educators and greater Kent community members take a moment to look through the information about the Character Education initiatives described here. Activities for the upcoming school year are planned to involve our students in staff in working together to demonstrate that Character Education Takes Everyone’s …

  • Cooperation
  • Self-Control
  • Trustworthiness
  • Tolerance
  • Compassion
  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Work Ethic and Responsibility
  • Respect for Self and Others
  • Fairness and Justice
  • Respect for Our Community and Environment


What is Character Education?

Mission Statement
School Based Character Education Committee
Kent City Schools


Recognizing that a list of ten character traits has been developed and defined by a committee with broad community representation, the Character Education Committee of Kent City Schools will establish specific strategies and activities to use as our schools integrate those ten character traits into our existing curriculum.


  • In understanding the need to model these traits, all Kent City School employees will be made aware of them and demonstrate them in their interactions with students and colleagues.
  • The intent is for these traits to be continuoously promoted across the curriculum, throughout the school year, and at all grade levels.
  • The approaches should be user-friendly and include activities involving the home and community.
  • Consideration will be given as to how these traits will cycle though a non-graded program as students progress through school.

Top 10 Character Education Traits