About KCS
Kent citizens have a history of enthusiastically supporting their schools, a reflection of the community’s aspirations and vision for its young people. Community partnerships help form a solid bond between local businesses, industries and the schools.

About Your School
About Your school’s website. Includes information about administration, vision statement, progress and links to existing websites.

Resources and Links
School, local and regional links to aid both students and parents as they explore their academic options.

Curriculum development standards for Kent City Schools. Includes information on K-12 curriculum.

Special Education
Describes the role of special education in Kent City Schools. Includes an overview of services provided, a statement of Kent City Schools’ obligation to identify, locate, and evaluate children who may have a disability, and contact information.

Character Education
A list of ten character traits has been developed and defined by a committee with broad community representation. The Character Education Committee of Kent City Schools works to establish specific strategies and activities to use as our schools integrate those character traits into our existing curriculum.

Testing Security Procedures