Davey Preschool Step by Step Application Process New Students

Step by Step Application Process New Students

Please read and complete the steps below.
Links for each step have been provided for your convenience:

  1. Complete Preschool Application.
  2. Complete the Family Income Form (required for all preschool students).
  3. Complete the *Sliding Tuition Scale Application and provide verification of the information submitted, if applicable.
    -Sliding Tuition Scale Application will not be processed until verification is received.
  4. Create a Final Forms account and complete the forms assigned to your child.
    -Click “New Account” under “Parent”.
    -Select 2019-2020!
  5. Provide the preschool office with a copy of your child’s birth certificate, immunization records, parent/guardian’s picture ID, and two forms of proof of residency. Provide custody records, if applicable.  

Parents who answer “Yes” to the question “Do you have any concerns regarding the child’s skills or abilities compared to other children the same age?” when completing Step 1 above:

  1. Do not need to complete Step 3 above at this time.
  2. Will be contacted by the Preschool Coordinator for more information regarding your concerns and provide further guidance.

Once steps 1-5 have been completed, your child will be placed on the wait list.  You will be notified when/if an opening becomes available.

Please contact Davey Preschool at 330-676-7415 if assistance is needed to complete online procedures.