Mobile Learning Lab

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Our Mobile Learning Lab (MLL) is available to be reserved at your school for the entire school day.
Go to Teacher Tools and click on Reserve Mobile Learning Lab.


  1. Find the date that your school can use the lab. You must book the lab at least one day in advance.
  2. Click on the appointment slot, and the booking window will pop up.
  3. Put your school name in the “Where” field, and click “Save”.  It will be added to YOUR Google Calendar
  4. You can edit the event in your calendar, and add other teachers that will share the lab (Guests), and add notes in the “Description” field.  For example, you can put the times that you and others will be using the lab during the day in “Description”. (Do not change the start and end times of the appointment).
  5. The lab will be dropped off at your school by beginning of the school day.  Your office will have the key to the lab.  Please lock the door(s) each time that you finish using the lab, and return the key to your school office.
  6. There are directions posted in the lab on how to turn on and off the generator for lights, electricity and HVAC.  Please turn off the generator when  your lock up the lab.
  7. The lab will be picked up some time at or after the end of the school day.

For questions about the technology in the lab, please contact Courtney Baliman (  For questions about the lab, please contact Jim Soyars (